The Odyssey (Reviewed)



Reviewer: Dozza

This has to be one of the best. It is one of my favourites and i am sure it will soon become one of everyone elses favourites. So much time and effort has been put into this campaign and i highly reccomend it for download. It consists of 4 scenarios, all with good cinematics and fitting sounds/music.

It is very fun to play, and as for installation, you get an auto.exe installer! I do not think i could find a major flaw within this campaign and again, this has to be one of the best. I also like the credits parts at the end, but i don't want to spoil anything! Downlaod now!

Well done Arkantos! Keep them coming in, AoMFiles needs them!

Reviewer: theOthermonkey

This file has got to be one of my favorite files on the whole network. The file has lots of eye candy and is fun to play. There weren't any major flaws within the scenario either. The plot is easy to understand and can be understood by almost anyone (even though the installation was in spanish) The file consists of 4 scenarios, each with a lot of eye candy and stuff. Good Job to the creator of the scenario and please make more of these wonderful scenarios.

Reviewer: Antisback

Introductional Cinematic: 3.5

This is quite good with the sfx and eye candy, but the camera was too systematical it did not feel real and at the bit with the cyclops, it is very laggy and takes about two minutes to get through a ten second bit.

Mission 1: 3.5

I liked the idea of having to convince the dwarf to join you, but it wasn't exactly that intersting once you got there, they just chatted for a litle while. Once out of the mines it was a bit confusing about where the prisoners are being kept, (I walked right up to the aurochs, and died). The times when polythemus speaks with sound are disjointed and random.

Mission 2: 4.5

The Opening cinematic was once again a bit systematical, but quite good. In the Village there was good use of eyecandy, I especially liked the mirror temple of Zeus. I sailed straight past the giant scylla on the way to rescuing atlanta, making life easier than it ought to have been. On the way to Circe the resistance was a tad easy, and I ran past the ambush. Circe's citadel had good eyecandy.

Mission 3: 4.0

Nice opening Cinematic, not systematical at all flowed really nicely. I almost lost a transport ship coming into the harbour. Good eyecandy in the city, bit confusing on where to go once your there, but once you've got that sorted its pretty linear. I liked the idea of dressing as a priest to sneak in.

Additional Comments: Good campaign!



The Odyssey – Age of Mythology Campaign


The Odyssey -Prologue.scn
The Odyssey -1ra Part.scn
The Odyssey -2da Part.scn
The Odyssey -3ra Part.scn
The Odyssey.cpn



Age of Mythology installed.



VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU DOESNT HAVE INSTALLED THE "Map Editor Patch bonus Add-ons", INSTALL IT FIRST. This patch adds a vast amount of new features and expantions to the editor.

The purpose of this patch is to be the "ultimate designing tool"; greatly enhancing the power of the map editor, thats why alot different modifications from people have been combined in one collection.

To Install: Double click the Map Editor Patch v1.0 installer program. After installing go to the Map Editor Patch v1.0 folder in the Age of Mythology Directory to read about this patch and what it includes in more detail.


Unzip the odyssey.exe file and execute it. This will install the campaign in the default directory where is installed the game: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology. If you install AoM in other directory, change the route before click in Install.

Ready to play... Enjoy!



Autor: Arkantos ([email protected])
Oficial Member of the Latin Design Team (www.scneld.com).
Web: http://arkantos.com.ar

Testers: Maximum Rex, SkullKid, Snake.

Special thanks: Aldo, Bucefalo, Trike, y a todo el equipo de ELD (http://www.scneld.com).

Very special thanks: Vassilis Karapanayiotis <[email protected]> Author of &quot;A Heroes Tale&quot;.


Arkantos © 2003

PD: ES, pay me if you want it ;-P

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