The Peloponnesian War

Check out his new scenario featuring "The Peloponnesian War".


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Check out his new scenario featuring "The Peloponnesian War".

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The Peloponnesian War

Athens and Sparta. The two super-powers of Ancient Greece. One democratic, the other totalitarian.
They fought a war between 431-404 BC. Sparta won. Now you have a chance to re-write history.

As Athens, you control the most powerful navy in Greece. Your destiny lies overseas. But Sparta,
with its undefeated army is knocking on your door. They fear your Imperial aspirations. And they
are not alone. In fact you have no allies on mainland Greece. At least not at the start of the
scenario. Fortunately, your city is protected by its "longwalls". Can you hold off the Spartans
long enough to build your empire and find a way to crush your arch enemy? Good luck, because I
don't know how to beat them myself.


1. Place the .scn file in the scenario folder.

2. As with my "War of the Ring" scenario, I changed the stats of some of the units. But not many.
   You can play the scenario without the changes, but I've included the file if you want to apply
   them to the game. You will need Vanchu's object editor to do so. The file does not need to go
   in any particular folder. The Microsoft Games folder is fine.

3. Since naval warfare is a big part of this scenario, I recommend At least that's
   the one that has worked the best for me. It's included in the file in case you don't have it.
   Just put it in the ai folder.

4. In keeping with the historical aspect of the scenario, I've changed the names of the heroes to
   reflect actual characters. I'll give you the list just in case you are interested in changing
   them too. You will need Vanchu's text editor to make the changes. You will also have to look
   at the text id# of each hero with the object editor, because I changed them and added a new
   text line with the text editor to avoid losing the original text. If this is too complicated,
   just play with the original settings then you won't have to make any changes.

   Athens: Pericles=Odysseus, Alcibiades=Arktanos, Cleon=Bellerophon
   Sparta: Agis=Ajax, Gylippus=Achilles, Leonidas=Perseus (I know Leonidas was king of Sparta
           during the Persian Wars, but he's such a great character, I had to include him)
   Thebes: Melon=Theseus, Pelopidas=Chiron
   Corinth: Jason=Jason (Yes, there really was a Jason)
   Delian League: King Amyntas III=Heracles
   Persia: Darius II=Shaba Ka
   The gods: Zeus=Setna, Ares=Agamemnon, Poseidon=Theocrat, Aphrodite=Atalanta, Apollo=priest,
   helots=egyptian villagers

Like the actual Peloponnesian War, this scenario has the potential of lasting a long time. The
resources are virtually inexhaustible and with you controlling the sea and Sparta controlling
the land, the two sides can remain deadlocked for hours. But there are a few little tricks in
this scenario that could help you turn the tide. Be sure to protect your heroes though, you
only get three, not including The Argo, and all three of your opponents have the bolt power.

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