The Ring of The Nibelungen Act #1 - The Rhinegold



This is the updated version of the original here.

From the developer:

In the updated version the terrain mods are skipped !! the campaign files is updated and the custom overlays have their own folder.


 The Ring Of the Nibelungen act1 The Rhinegold
Created By: The Vandhaal
Year: 2004/2005
Email: [email protected]
New Web: www.vandhaal.elpea.net
Old Web: www.geocities.com/the_vandhaal
Forums: www.vandhaal.gamingextremes.us
Msn messenger: [email protected]

Thank you for downloading The Ring of the Nibelungen act 1 The Rhinegold. Before you install the game and begin your adventure I recommend you to read the following notes.
Furthermore you can read about some of the main characters and see their pictures  in the artwork sector of my website.




Unzip all the zipped folders with winzip. Windows Xp has a build in unzip function but if you need a free copy of Winzip go to www.winzip.com

When installing the game use the SHORTKEYS as descriped below (sometimes Aom doesn't see the files which are dragged and dropped in its folders so to be sure of a correct installment use the shortkeys)

Shortkeys for copy/ cut and pasting

First select the specific files or folders and then:

ctrl X= cut files
ctrl C= copy files
ctrl V= paste files

1) Copy or Cut and Past the complete  Rhinegold folder  (so folder inlcuding files)  from the campaign package folder to your  game scenario folder  (C: prgramfiles/ aom/scenarios)

2) Copy or cut and past the complete RGsound folder  (so folder including files) from the campaign package folder to  your  game soundfolder (C: programfiles/aom/sound)

3) Copy or cut and past  Rgoverlay folder (so folder including files) from the campaign package folder  texture to your  game texture folder  (C: prgramfiles/ aom/texture).

4) Copy or cut and past the TheRhinegold.cpx (so single file  !!!!) file from the campaign package folder  to your  game data folder  (C: prgramfiles/ aom/data)


Just delete all the above mentioned files and folders  from the Aom folders you placed them in !

Summary delete: Rhinegold folder,  RGsound folder, Rgoverlay folder and TheRhinegold.cpx



1) Difficulty: Not much to say about this. Some of my playtesters found it easy and some extremly difficult...so the answer is somewhere in the midlle. The game should contain something for everybody (new players and experienced players). I advice you to READ all the messages very carefully and to keep pen and note paper whitin reach in order to make notes from time to time. ( See also point 2 ).

2) It is very wise to act and look around very carefully in the different scenarios. Pay attention to everything because some clues or answers to certain riddles of later scenarios can be found  in earlier scenarios ! So explore around well and think sometimes.

3) The Nibelungen troops build up is somewhat different then the regular build up in Aom (see also instruction cinematics). Just practice with it a little. For some special features like opening doors and or shapeshifting it is also wise to practice a bit so you get the hang of it.

4) You will find that the campaign has different terrain location features. Nibelheim for example  has a lot of "Battlebridges" which are not very easy to manouver on. Obviously because "Battlebridges" are build to slow down the enemy.

5) Some scenario make use of a double message system.... So do not click as a madman but take your time and  just read the messages carefully . The double message system  means that  around about  7 seconds after the first message a second message appears.

6) Save the game often !! Save the game after every intro cinematic in order to prevent watching the cinematic all over again...unless you like to do this.

7) Try to avoid using cheatcodes this will only unbalance the scenarios. If you do not like a certain scenario and like to skip it just use the cheat code: CHANNEL SURFING.

8) If you need some more game play tips do not hesitate to contact me by email: [email protected] or by msn messenger (use also [email protected])

9) And for the lazy guys amongst you:  READ stuff ! 

10) I advice you to do not play the various scenarios in one attempt. Some of them are build up out of various stages and have a long playtime. So take a break sometimes and play in sessions!



1)Lag issues:

The game is tested on different comps with various specs In all cases it didn't show lag. However it is lickely that it shows a little lag on slower comps (pentium 3) But as said before it runs without any lag on regular modern comps.
If you encounter some lag you can try to solve it by doing the following:

-If you have a slow comp with a weak grafix card try to set the game on low detail
-Try to restart the scenario or the game 
-Or  if the above doesn't work  its probably  time to upgrade your system ; )

Optimal System specs are:

To be sure you can compare your system to the one on which the campaign is created here follow my system specs:
p4/ 2,5GH / 1GH ram physical memory/ grafix card Nvidia geForce FX 5200.



In the case you think you have found a bug or a clitch please mail it to: [email protected]


Well the only thing which is left to say is have fun and enjoy this tale.
Best regards,

The Vandhaal

The Vandhaal is part of the Tsunami Studios team

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