The Rise of Chiron

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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\The Rise of Chiron/////////////////////////////////////////
					  ~~~~~~~~~~~Part I~~~~~~~~~~~~

Installation: Unzip the folder to the directory Age of Mythology/Scenario and then you can play it in single player mode
or edit it by pressing Ctrl+L in the map editor and then clicking on it.

Information: This is my fifth map!  It is the first part of "The Rise of Chiron," who I've turned into a rebel
(not a scholar and healer etc.).  So have fun with this map, and there will be another version coming out soon
that includes recorded voice sound files to add on to the first short short short cinematic that includes pitch
angles (I hereby give credit for the pitched angle to "Shadows" and Enrique Orduno for the program that created
it (download the pitch template by Shadows under Mods, it's pretty cool!)

Questions or Comments?  Email me at or

Thanks for playing!

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