The River (Reviewed)

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A Singleplayer scenario for Aom. This was made by HawK_265. Screenshots added by coolcronin


This single player scenario wasn't really bad. The scenario was basically just destroy your enemies with your army. Fun was taken out of this as you did not make your army from scratch you started off with it all. You also get many transport boats to start off with on one side of the river. The part that i did like about the scenario was when you approached the opponents beach it reminded me of the UK/US invasion of the normandy beaches in world war 2 off the medal of honour games.

There however were no cinematics, no objectives, and barely any triggers if any. This took a great amount of fun out of it and in my opinion it was not that creative. The buildings of the enemy in most places were spread out right but there were a couple of exceptions where buildings are clumped together.

This scenario could be a whole lot better if more time was spent on it. It could be great if cinematics, triggers and objectives were added to it.

Reviewer : coolcronin



The River:

thanks for downloading my map,
this map wasnt so hard to make so feel free to costumise and host it, just dont take credit on yourself...

unzip this zip file in the AOM scenarios folder and run AOM

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