The Siege at Karfont (Reviewed)

Siege the city of Karfont and win!!! Re...


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Siege the city of Karfont and win!!! Reviewer: Ashatay Date: 05/28/03 Map: ‘The Siege at Karfont' ID: 13304 Overall rating: 92%

Breakdown: Creativity: 9/10 Challenge: 10/10 Map usage: 8/10 Enemy buildup: 10/10 Player buildup: 5/10 Resource Placement: 10/10 Amusement: 10/10 Interest Level: 10/10 Messages: 10/10 Objectives: 10/10

Comments: I highly doubt this is possible. The forces that you have to use are not enough to take on this entire army. Getting in and destroying the outlying parties and buildings takes 1 minute. After that you face so many armies of myth units it’s hopeless.

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You are Persues and you and his army must seige the mighty city of Karfont to bring the city to its knees.

This is my 3rd scenario for my campaign.

Hope you enjoy.

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