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The Survival of the Phoenix (REVIEWED)

the_survival_of_the_phoenix_trial_cam.zip —


reviewed by shimano55

This is the trial for Oddy's Survival of the Phoenix campaign. The trial version includes the prologue and the first scenario of the cmapign. The campaign follows the story of setna as he tries to sve the Phoenixs from extinction. This trial has great cinematics and i enjoyed them very much. The trial also has a very good storyline and it is easy to follow. The only con that I have is that the one scenario that Oddy lets you play has very ordinary objectives. The only thing that you have to do is do secondary missions to get the four Egyption villages to give you reasources. A little boring, but the rest of the scenario, like the design and the continuing storyline make up for that. I recommend this trial to EVERY downloader.



Trial Survival of the Phoenix

-By Oddy

This file contains an installer for Trial SoP. The trial-campaign includes 1 intro cinematic and 1 playable scenario.
Just follow the installation instructions: The default path is Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\ .
Three files will be installed: The campaign file (soptrial.cpn) and the two scenario's (sop1 and sop2).
The scenario's will be placed in a map in the AoM Scenario map named "soptrial".
This campaign was translated from Dutch by me and Eekhoorn; Full version coming soon.

If you want to give a comment, mail to [email protected]

The bèta version is finished and needs to be tested on remaining Dutch texts. Mail if you want to do that.

Good Luck with playing,


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