The Winter Islands

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You must save the scenario into your aom scenario folder for 
it to work.

To play this scenario in multiplayer you must select the 
game type as scenario in a multiplayer game room and then 
find and open it.

Details about the map:  

Everyone get's a comfortable amount of resources 
to start with.

This is a normal 3vs3 multiplayer scenario map.  I think it 
may be funner to play then any world map.

It mostly snows in this very cold, harsh land.
Everyone starts on an island and may spread to others to 
ensure that they have a chance of victory.

Messages from above will warn everyone of dangers early 
in the scenario. 

No one can own the plenty vault in this scenario for it is 
just there for decoration.

Like in all of my maps I tryed to make it fair
and good quality for everyone.  Enjoy!! 

Have any comments or suggestions to me?
My e-mail address is

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