Theris (Updated)

An updated version of soaperab's Theris.


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An updated version of soaperab's Theris.

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Unzip to the directory "Age of Mythology/Scenario."  You can then open it in the map editor or play it
under single player mode.


This is my first semi-advanced map, with triggers and such.  I like it and it is fun and worthy of playing, 
but for a longer and more advanced map, try "A New Domain" or "Gargarensis" or "Kamos," which are other
campaign-based maps, which are longer than this.  This map is very short, following a trail and beating up
the creatures of the underworld, ending in the battle with Arkantos's undead enemy, Theris.  Explore around,
and watch out for the Nidhogg!

Questions or Comments?  Email me at or  Thanks for playing!

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