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Treason has to have one of the most original and creative plots I have ever seen in a AoM scenario. You start out as Polyphemus, a great war...


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Treason has to have one of the most original and creative plots I have ever seen in a AoM scenario. You start out as Polyphemus, a great warrior and idol to cyclops. As you meet a band of dwarves to talk, you mistake them as rogue trolls and kill them, instantly learning your mistake afterwards. From there on, your decisions are up to you. That is what I like about Istari's scenarios; the real RPG like play, without a set course, but more of a make your own decisons scn. The map is also wonderfully detailed, and the trigger work is excellent. It seems Istari is building a good reputation at AoMfiles as an excellent scenario designer. ...waveslave...

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History of the Cyloptian League:

For 10 000 years, the Cycloptian League was a beacon of light and hope in an otherwise darkened world. An alliance of Elves, 
Dwarves and Cyclopes, the Cyclopes proved themselves to be the real power and dominant influence of the empire. Known for 
their wisdom and intellectual prowess, the cyclopes headed the government. Their leader, known as the Guardian of Light, 
was advised by an Elven mage ( from the Elven realm of Enshiv) and a Dwarven paladin ( from the Dwarven realm of Akbartaka).
These three headed their own people, but the Guardian of Light had the real power over all of them - his word was the law. 

Over time, the Cycloptian League conquered virtually the whole world in the name of their chosen god, Poseidon. Any races who 
refused to be assimilated into the worship of Poseidon were declared  to be unholy savages, incapable of self government. For 
"their own" interests' sake, these races were forced into special regions where their society could be rebuilt in the name of 
Poseidon. This system of government was  - in a word - slavery . Mankind was the last free people, but even they were 
eventually conquered and enslaved. Slavery was considered the only dark spot of the Cycloptian League, and was purposely 
ignored for the most part. Even this type of government was better than anarchy.The only exception to worshipping Poseidon 
was the Dwarves. Because they made up a third of the empire, they could worship whomever they wanted, but they still 
masqueraded as Poseidon worshippers to give the empire a solid front. This was just one of the reasons why the Dwarves were 
never completely accepted by the Cyclopes. Though they did not agree with some of they Cyclopes' ideals, they did agree 
with justice and order - which is why they are part of the empire. At the height of it's power, the Cycloptian League was 
the self-proclaimed epitome of good, with the Guardian of Light standing in the forefront of all the races - a symbol of 
power, prestige, and holiness. 

But nothing lasts forever...


You, Polyphemus, are a Cyclops war legend. The commanding general of hundreds of victorious battles agaist savages, you have
the power and prestige that most cyclopes only dream of. Once an outcast of Cycloptian society for choosing the path of war, 
you have proven your worth to all. Traditionally, Cyclopes chose the life of a scribe or beaurocrat, Elves the life of a 
mage, and Dwarves the life of a warrior. The only exception was that most leaders of each of the races were guarded by 
special body guards, trained to fight for a living.By turning the tables and choosing a different life for yourself, you 
unwittingly set the stage for years of turmoil and internal conflict - perhaps even for the collapse of the Cycloptian 
League itself!

The Dwarves, indignant that a Cyclops should enroach on their traditional life style of fighting, approached the Guardian of
Light on the subject. The Guardian flew into a rage and beheaded every single Dwarf in the envoy. He then declared Dwarves 
a race of savages, in need of strict discipline. Concerned that the Elves would side with the Dwarves on this issue, the 
Guardian neglected to tell them of the situation. Why the Guardian killed the Dwarves will perhaps never be known - it was 
quite extreme for the circumstances. Regardless, you and a small band of companions have set out - against orders - to try 
and find the Dwarves and convince them not to declare war on the Cycloptian League. In this rugged land to the south of 
Adamant ( the capital of the empire), the Cycloptian League has little real power. Step carefully for fear of running 
across wild wolves, or even rogue trolls who have escaped the thralldom of the empire.  


To install this scenario, unzip the folder to some location or other and copy both the '.scn' and 'bak' files to the 
'scenario' folder in your Age of Mythology game. 

If you want to remove the scenario for whatever reason, just delete the '.scn' and 'bak' files. 


Note #1: This is a scenario with two possible outcomes. It is up to you which path you will choose. Will you take the path of 
power, or the path of justice?

Note #2: This is my second custom scenario. I'm not sure I've mastered the tiggers, but I tried my best. There are no 
cinematics in this scenario - they just seemed totally too complicated. Maybe there'll be some next time. 

Note #3: This scenario is meant to be played on 'Easy' mode. You could try 'Moderate' but it might be too hard. 

This scenario was completely, utterly, and totally created by: Istari ([email protected])

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