Troll Wars (Reviewed)



Here's the updated version of Troll Wars, this time you get two maps: one for four players, and one for eight players!


The scenario seems okay. the map design was just wonderful for being a blood map. the way you used straight lines and different terrains was a very nice detail into the map. I was playing your scenario a couple of times on ESO. and these were the problems i found: 1). no hints, no instrctions. i just found myself in the map without knowing exactly what to do until the map got revealed. dont expect everybody to know how to paly bloodmaps. use the message or objective effect to tell the people about the scenario. it was also weird that you didnt mention your name as the creator of the author, or at least i didnt noticed. 2). impossible to win. you can play as much as 2 hours and still without the game ending!. the trolls are far to weak to destroy 4 statues of lighting which are right beside the hillfort that you have to destroy in order to win. your units deploy in front of the statues of lighting which makes it impossible to reach the hillfort to destroy it. the statues of lightings are far too strong! a simple attack killed 5 trolls of my army and left others with half energy. meanwhile the enemy trolls were deploying in front of the hillfort killing my trolls, plus blocking my way into getting close enough to thehillfort. to fix this problem, make the map bigger and give all the players base more space so this doesnt happen. also, increase the damage on buildings to the trolls. 3). when i started playing this map, i expected to get better units if i get certain amount of kills, like a blood map. however, no matter what you do, or where you go, everyone will get new units, and godpowers at the same time!, which makes it even more unbalance. i suggest making levels with kill counter. also grand some siege weapons because the buildings are too strong. 4). I suggest putting the map revealed but not making it visible like is currenly. it wasnt fair that i could jsut invoke the thunderstorm in everyplace in the map. 5). the scenario needed some music, sounds. maybe some kind of intro or decent precentation. i suggest if you know cinematics, make a really nonlaggy-shot one. if not, use the "camera start" object and camera cut. this is a really good idea for a blood map. it only needs some playtesting, and work more on the triggers and balance.



map name : Troll wars new edition large 8p and small 4 p
map type : Multiplayer death match 
map makers : Blizzerd ([email protected]) 
unzip it to the scenario folder in the directory where you installed AoM (Program Files, most likely) 
 could be different though 

optimal for LAN and other networks

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