Troy Massacre (Trojan War)

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Review Pending :D:D:D Review Pending :D:D:D

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                TROY MASSACR by SCNPUNK Team (

                                     !!!Please don`t modify the map!!!

Troy Massacre is an Online Epic Campaign. At least`s that`s what we were going for, mixing all the best story telling/cutscene movies/multi mission elements of a single player campaign with the wicked multiplayer experience AoM provides. I am not sure how close we got to our goal, You`d be the judge of that.

How to install:
1-Copy Scenario folder from the Zip archive into your Age of Mythology folder.  
2-Make sure that TroyMassacre.scn is in your Age of Mythology/scenario folder.

How to play:
1-Login to ESO as always, go for Advanced and host a new game.
2-From the game type select Scenario, and select TroyMassacre from the list of available scns.
3-Set Player 5 and 6 as Computers (preferably Greek MG)
4-Make sure you have 4 human players, preferably with Greek MG.
Note: Don`t worry about the teams it`s all automatic inside.

Lag Issue:
It`s strongly suggested that TM Host has CPU over 1.2G+. Although TM doesn`t require cable, the faster player connections are and the faster their CPUs are the less lag where will be.

Ex-T (ScnPunk) – Map Design/Triggers/Sounds Editing
Shykre (ScnPunk) – Script Revising

Lead Testers:
Chris – RookyGrunt
TVS - TheVampireSlayer
YY – TheBannedDyno

                                                Thanks for downloading and enjoy!!
And Please note, the author of the scenario had moved on to another scenario without polishing this one, so there are some minor bugs ahead, for sure! :)

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