Twelve Unit Modpack

This modpack includes twelve units in it. During installation, if you are told to convert a .BAR file with "Direct File Conversion," instea...


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This modpack includes twelve units in it. During installation, if you are told to convert a .BAR file with "Direct File Conversion," instead convert .BARs with "Input Data File." Updated readme will come out soon - I submitted it last night.

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				  Twelve Unit Modpack


This modpack by Alex Boyd includes twelve custom units; three of them were made by , one was made by ,and the
others were made my me.  Some are units that were taken out of the final version of the game (and brought back),
such as the golem, and others are just custom animations, and still others have new textures to exhibit.  Some are
buildings that create other custom units.  "Tarkanry" create "Tarkan" (Norse only) and "Temple of Zelda" creates
"Ganon" (Zeus only).


Download AoMED from a download site (search on google for where to get it).  Run AoMED.  Click "Direct File Conversion."
Find in the folder aom/textures.  Extract it somewhere OTHER THAN THE MAIN TEXTURES FOLDER by clicking 
"read data file."  Extract in the folder aom/anim the same way (remember to extract to a SEPARATE FOLDER!!!).
Extract to the main data folder, NOT A SEPARATE FOLDER!!!  Convert Techtree.xmb and Proto.xmb (in the data folder)
using AoMED (click direct file conversion; find the file) Unzip the Animations folder in the zip archive to aom/anim.
Unzip the Textures folder in the zip archive to aom/textures.  Paste the text from the proto.txt file (in the proto folder)
into the end of the proto.xml (open this with notepad) file (that should be converted just now from proto.xmb) between
the last two words &quot;</unit>&quot; and &quot;</proto>&quot;.  Rename techtree.xml, which also should be converted from techtree.xmb, to
&quot;techtree.xml.old&quot;.  Now, paste MY file techtree.xml file into the data folder.  Do not replace any original AoM files
during installation.  If a dialog box pops up during installation asking if you want to replace &quot;blablabla&quot; with &quot;blablabla&quot;,
then rename the original AoM file and paste in the new one.

Found a problem?  Questions or Comments?  Email me at or (preferably) post a file comment.  Thanks for
trying my modpack!  If you find something wrong with any of the units (I might've left out a step in the readme), most people
tend to just rate the file horribly.  I'd rather you email me or post a file comment saying what's wrong so I can update the
file.  Thank you!

				. : CREDITS : .

		- Alex Boyd (CoolSk8r32) for compiling the files and making some new units.
		- enroj for making the Ganon texture mod.
		- Antihero for making the units Spectre, Spider-man, and Werewolf.
		- knight4 for making the Frostling unit.

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