Vengeance Trailer



You'll need the game to play the trailer. Load it up like a regular scenario and watch the trailer. Looks good, can't wait :D



After you download and play the scenario, you will notice cinematics coming up. This scenario is a movie (preview) for my upcoming campaign named "Vengeance". 

The plot for the campaign goes like this:

Arkantos and Chiron, along with Gargerensis and his men, have died, as witnessed in the main campaign ending. Kastor then takes on the role of his father: An Admiral. He also recieves much help from his trainers, Ajax, Amanara, Reginleif, Odysseus, and Athena. 

He struggles against the new Pirate Empire general (leader), Polyphemus. Polyphemus also takes on the role of another. His brother: Gargerensis.

(Why is Gargerensis Polyphemus' brother? It was told that Polyphemus is a son of Poseidon, but it was also later found out after Gargerensis' death that the gian cyclopes himself, had also been a son. Polyphemus and Gargerensis have kown each other for long times, fighting many battles (including The Great War), but now... Polyphemus is determined to help Gargerensis escape the Underworld)

Arkantos and Chiron, down in Erebus, fight old battles again as Gargerensis tries to take command of the firey hell. Arkantos and Chiron also help stop Gargerensis from escaping the Underworld.

This exciting campaign will come out on May 20th, 2003.

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