VX Custom Lighting Pack



This lighting pack contains 22 custom lighting effects. About half of them mimic the Time of Day and were created for my World Map's (World Map VX, coming January 2003) day and night system. The other half are other goodies also meant to mimic natural weather, such as fog, rain, cloudy skies, dry hazes and so on. I threw in a few more exagerated effects sutch as The "Copper" sunrise (also featured in Render's lighting effect editor program) and a sunset, black night and so on for the people who need just an extra spurt of color and "VX" in their map.

To shift or fade to different lighting effects in your scenario, use the Set Lighting effect.



Visual Paradox Lighting Pack
- by CheeZy monkey
(updated 5/29/2003)

Note: A Visual Paradox Item is something like the term 'Eye Candy' - accept a Visual Paradox (VX) is something that makes you wonder "Hey, how'd he do that" It's just a little term that i've invented to further express spectacular eye candy :)

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