William Wallace (REVIEWED)



reviewed by shimano55

This mod will add a unt to your scenario editor named William Wallace. In my opinion this is an amazing texture. Very well made. The base unit used is Jason, and i can't see any relation except for the basic shape, the sheild, and the sword (which all have different tetures to). The added sounds for the unit are an added bonus. I enjoy this mod and recommend it to all downloaders.



Ricky Irwin
[email protected]

					William Wallace Texture Mod

	>>> Here is a sample unit of my upcoming campaign, Braveheart, which will contain other
	units such as Robert the Bruce, Edward Longshanks, Scottish militia, English soldiers,
        and more, basically all the characters of the movie. It will also feature real sound
        clips from the movie (Freedom! at the end :)) and its awesome soundtrack, and everything.
	So here is the sample unit from Braveheart: the Legend of William Wallace, and if you
        like it I hope you will follow the campaign as well...

	>>>Installation Part One
	1. Place the three ddt files in the Age of Mythology/Textures folder.
	2. Place the two sound files (xmb and xml) in the Age of Mythology/Sound folder.
	3. Place the William Wallace_anim file in the Age of Mythology/Anim folder.
	>>>Installation Part Two
	4. Convert your Proto.xmb document in the Age of Mythology/Data folder to XML using AOMed.
	5. Open the Proto.xml document with Internet Explorer or Notepad.
	6. Copy and Paste the Proto File to the end of the Proto.xml.
	7. Make sure everything is accurately spaced and postioned in the XML, making sure it
           ends with-                   </action>
	  and that the beginning of the Wallace text in the Proto.xml starts like-
                                   <param name=&quot;AttackAction&quot;></param>
	           <unit id=&quot;623&quot; name=&quot;Gandalf the Grey&quot;>
	8. Save as Proto.xml and, using AOMed, convert the XML document to XMB, and place it in
	   the Age of Mythology/Data folder.

	Congratulations! You installed it. To uninstall, simply delete everything, and erase 
	moddified parts in the Proto.XMB. 

	Thanks to: King Jared and Coolsk8er32, for help with new units :)

	>>>Questions, Comments, Complaints? Email me at [email protected]

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