Winter Part 1: A New Horizon (Reviewed)



Winter Part 1 is the beginning of a promising story about a girl bred to be the savior of Earth in the dark shadow of global destruction. You start on the coastline close to a destroyed city, proably something like Miami or such a place. You need to clear away the mutant humanoids from the city. The plot is not very original but the eye-candy is great. The city looks like a demolished city in Florida with roads, palm trees (some even burning), and sandy beaches. The scenario uses the orc mod from the LotR Texture Modpack. Overall, the story is only so-so, but it makes up for that in the map creativity and is worth downloading. More installments might bring this story into a perfect review.

-- Reviewed by Zeus174




The world has changed. Earth, though it had no trouble surviving previous wars,
suddenly fell apart. Major cities destroyed, trees burned, air killed. The
strange creatures that had come about from genetic experiments have wreaked havoc
on the normal humans of this Earth. However, a single city remained hidden from
these monsters. Deep under the Atlantic Ocean, a young girl was being raised.
This girl was instilled with special powers and given a powerful staff, developed
by the best scientists. She is now ready. Her parents bid her farewell and the woman,
Circe, traveled to a destroyed city on the coast of Florida. her mission?
Exterminate the strange mutants who have taken the world. This city is the first
battle in the war to take back our world.


Unzip the folder and put the scn file in your Age of Mythology Scenarios Folder
you might want to use an object editor or something to modify some stats.
it would become much better that way.


I am Zeus174 and I made this scenario as a refreshing change from the fantasy
style scenarios that there are so many of. Not that they aren't good. I simply
thought that this would keep things interesting.

I did this alone, so I don't need to thank anyone for their help.
Please do not take credit for this or anything else like that.
All credit for this scenario is mine.
PLEASE post any comments, positive or negetive, on this site. DO NOT email me!

I hope you enjoy. Hopefully more installments will come soon.

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