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World Map V3X By CheeZy monkey

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World Map V3X By CheeZy monkey

Thanks for downloading the World Map!

World Map V3X Features:

-a Geographically accurate portrait of the world

-Randomly placed Settlements and Relics on the map. Over 100 Quest Var triggers controlling the randomly placed Settlements.

-Weather, sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it isn’t… it might be foggy in the morning, it might not, and who knows sometimes a storm might even brew up :)

-Proper starting conditions: Players get their appropriate starting units when the map loads.

-Balanced start. Due to changes in V3X, the game plays more like a random map, Economy and starting positions are once again very important.

-200+ Triggers are in the map used to control events and variable events on the map.

-a 30 minute spanning day-to-night cycle using the VX lighting pack. (So yes, you can play at night, which alot of people I'm sure would find cool)

-The Legendary Killer Giant Duck Billed Platypus – there is only one in the world, hunt it for 9000 food. (Note, the LKGDBP is often disguised as a bear surrounded by it’s monkey Body Guards, beware!)

-Eye candy worked into the map, such as tents, abandoned settlements, waterfalls, Neutral players, and even a quarry.

-Hidden surprises - look under a tent to see what’s inside, loot relics from pyramids, and an appearance by the killer giant duck billed platypus, a Legendary Animal.

-Audio atmosphere – there’s about 20 triggers in the World Map that control the sounds and music in the game.

-Balanced start out - Everyone starts on a small island with a Roc Transport. Everyone also gets 2 sets of the Vision god power to help them choose a location in which to settle in.

-Smooth Map Layout - the map is designed to be played like a Random Map, meaning that there are fair settlement areas throughout the map, along with resources and terrain elements to take advantage of in the surroundings. The map is tweaked to be fair from almost every place.

-Terrain Elements - there’s cliffs, hills, ditches, rivers, lakes, more cliffs, mountains, valleys, and tundras, all transitioning smoothly throughout the map. Terrains blend, shorelines blend, hills transition, everything looks good more or less.

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Download '' (763KB)

If you want to play a (for example) 2v2, then make 4 of the slots be computers, that way there'll only be 4 human players. The computer players will be removed durring the game.
Also: The map is obviously too big for a 2v2 or 1v1, so it is recomended that you choose an area to play in before launching, so you and your buddies or whoever you're playing with
should decide what area to go in, for example only play in North America or South America or Asia etc. This way the game can still be fun and won't last more than an hour.

a 600MHz p3 computer with windows XP and 384 MB ram, with a Geforce 4 MX (actually, I created the majority of the map when I had a 16MB Voodoo3) and a 56K internet connection. No major or devastating lag reported. If you have a low-end computer it's recommended you set the graphics setting to low.

It is highly recommended you have 256MB ram or more to play the map or you may get poor performance.
The map takes about 1-2 minutes on average to load online. Please be patient.

for some users who have installed the Map Editor Patch or some other mod like that, the game may crash at the 26 second mark. Please make sure you also have no edited Anim files because they seem to cause some weirdness too.

If you're low on ram or have a sheit processor like me, then try out these 2 programs which may help increase system performance without messing with anything on your computer
PC boost: it proritizes tasks in your PC and gives higher priority to main tasks, in general it makes thing run faster - 
Ram Booster: it is a Ram monitor and cleaner, run it to free up ram by telling windows to remove expired DLLS in the ram. -

Map and the VX lighting pack created by CheeZy monkey
Original Testers: Shiva, Alexandergreat3, Matei, Svede, Byzantine Warrior, xLpx, Johnny Cartooney
Special thanks to the Deacon clan for being cool and playing my map with me.


World Map V3X 11/19/03
- Discovered Quest Vars and their abilities to randomize events
- Put in randomly placed settlements
- Dynamic weather (lighting)
- Improoved map
- Lowered size to 740KB
- Moved starting positions to atlantis
- Give players appropriate starting units

World Map V2X 11/1/03
- Version 2 addapted to The Titans
- cut down on size (763KB)
- minor changes to map design
- fixed population bug

World Map VX 5/22/2003
-Final release version
- Trimmed the map to 853KB
World Map VX prefinal 5/15/2003
- Added roc removal trigger which removes the computer players from the game
- trimmed the map abit.
Tester build2 5/10/2003
- Removed the ice textured water from the NA because of OOS concerns
- Spaced out Vision GP grant to prevent OOS.

Tester build1 5/9/2003
- First beta test release.
- 922KB

World Map VX reviewer version - 5/1/2003
- The map is finally nearly finished.
- Map is sent to 4 reviewers who "review" the map by looking at it and giving immediate input before the test begins

World Map VX proto3 - 4/5/2003
- Completed the shape of Asia.
-Scrapped the North Pole and Antarctica to reduce filesize, 
-redid starting positions. Tweaked Lighting system. 
-Changed the transport ship to a Roc for faster game starts. 
-Added sound
-scrapped the treasures idea because of concern for fair gameplay
-did the shorelines for everything.

--- Hereby follows a long period of me slacking it and not doing much---

World Map VX proto2 2-?-2003
-Ran out of room :) Moved the entire map to a 1300x1300 tile one. 
-Started on Europe.
-Redid some map design and scrapped useless tidbits of the map

World Map VX preview demo - 1-07-2003
- gains alot of interest
- Demo contains North/South America, Antarctica, and the north pole (thats really all I had finished)

World Map VX (tester 1) 12/??/2002 - 1-??-2003
- North pole, South America, North America, Antarctica complete.
- Private online testing on the triggerwork and lighting conducted by me and The Scout

World Map VX Proto1 12-29-2002
- Lighting system and triggers put in, North America Complete

World Map VX concept2 12-12-2002
-added north pole as starting position. 
-Treasures and other features planned

World map VX concept - started 12/3/2002
- 930x930 map of the world

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