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A singleplayer scenario for titans. NOTE: OPS TROUBLE DID NOT ALLOW ME TO ADD THE USERNAME TO THIS. -----------------------------------...


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------------------------------------------------------------- This is a pretty interesting map. The intro cinematic gives of the most interesting parts of the map, but lacks complexity. The music is something else, lol. It is not very Age of Mythology-Like, and, in my opinion, doesn't have much of a place in an AoM scenario. The other problem with the music is that the transition between songs is very rough. They usually end and start abruptly.

The terrain is pretty well-done. The readme is true in saying that this scnario demonstrates almost all of the terrain types, with the exception of the ugly burned grass and stuff. The lighting of the scenario, Dusk, I think, adds A LOT to the overal alure of the map. The lake is pretty beautiful to look at, with the reflective water and trees surrounding it. Attention to detail is obvious.

The major con that I have with this map is that the ONLY objective is to defeat your enemies. So, in a sense, this scenario is like a dressed-up random map. I cant say that I recommend this map for downloaders expecting an objective-driven scenario, because it is not.

Reviewed by: shimano55(


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To play this new level in its full glory you have to:

1. Place Zaza’s Game.scx into AoM/Scenario folder
2. Place Intro2.mp3 into AoM/Sound folder.

Go and play it a bit !

About me:

I'm a guy who never made a AOM Scenario before and thought I just give it a go!
I always loved AOE2 and its scenarios and so I thought I bring the feel of AOE2 back to AOM.
So I read the level editor readme and gave this thing a go...  and before you know it...
I built a scenario that just about has it all.

Features include:

* A wide range of terrain types.
* A detailed Lake. 
* A Cinematic Intro with sound.
* A unique feel of atmosphere.
* And some other things I don't wanna give away yet !

I call this scenario Eye-Candy for the Needing !

I guess the name says it all !

Zaza says: “See ya ! “

Contact me at or alternatively at or go on MSN Messenger.

Visit this joint and soon to be home to my collection of AOM stuff

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