Aliens vs Predator 2

Aliens vs. Predator™ 2 combines creatures, weapons, and settings from the hit movies Aliens and Predator. The story-driven plot weaves together the fates of all three races, while the action is as hea...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Frosty Alien Predators Marine SP Mission HHO 37.41MB 45
The Narrow Way Windebieste 2.4MB 52
AVP Movie Mod Sasa 41.29MB 206
Blood of Gods Pack Pastlife 7.63MB 21
Trinity Serenity 1.16MB 27
The Golden Punisher Serenity 4.18MB 79
Dark Spear Killaz Pastlife 18.88MB 69
Le Celticant's Mappack Le Celticant 78.23MB 66
-`.'p/A$"]["L!|Fe`'.- Pastlife 1.58MB 90
Warzone RedNeck Gamer 10.14MB 291
Gun Replacement Pack KingKenny 2.95MB 118
Forest Elite x-M-x 4.58MB 171
Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch Herr_Alien 1.36MB 5306
Odd Taunts Randall_Boggs_Rocks 3.56MB 50
Pistol With Laser Sasa 786KB 99
HL2 DM Lockdown HHO 35.9MB 162
LC OPP Celtic - Temple Le Celticant 9.59MB 166
Time Raiders Modification FBV86 112.35MB 515
One Step Closer RavagerDX 7.19MB 292
Fortress mod Patch Herr_Alien 54KB 260
Fortress mod Herr_Alien 37.69MB 684
lk vertigo station LongKnives 4.79MB 138
F3AR PsyKore 54.81MB 1501
lc_depot Le Celticant 21.81MB 194
Nostromo Map Teaser (Vid) KrazeD 36.79MB 372
Ac!d Rooze x-M-x 10.46MB 294
Experimental Hugger Neoalien 86KB 156
Rommie's server-side application Rommie 3.05MB 544
The Hell Rifts XxHellscreamxX 11.3MB 268
Rift predalien XxHellscreamxX 2.26MB 124
Toxic glow XxHellscreamxX 2.38MB 159
Rift runner XxHellscreamxX 2.11MB 52
Rift drone XxHellscreamxX 2.42MB 58
Fallen Angel XxHellscreamxX 2.51MB 116
Flame Knight x-M-x 4.69MB 356
Dm Celtic dropship Z3rATuL 978KB 198
Black Rose Pistol x-M-x 2.95MB 198
Harrison's Patcheye Rasirez 126KB 34
Sp Encapsulation Randall_Boggs_Rocks 21.44MB 642
Up There RavagerDX 3.28MB 87
Dm WY Complex Z3rATuL 1.39MB 274
dm_Macdaddy Randall_Boggs_Rocks 8.57MB 89
AVP2 Widescreen Patch Droog 3.32MB 2640
Dm Lobby Z3rATuL 458KB 301
Alley Witch AI Sasa 1.62MB 917
Ultimate Mappack 2 updater HHO 197.21MB 1721
Fusion Map Pack Egom_5niper_wolf 26.78MB 372
Captain Nascimento Sound Pack AvP_Brasil_GuiR 1.14MB 249
Ic_jungle Le Celticant 4.92MB 295
USP Pistol Sasa 724KB 172