AcidGlow Resigns From AvP2 Community

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Published by Bluehair 18 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
I had posted a few of his files lately notably [url=""]AvP2 Gold25 Mod[/url], [url=""]Night Vision Goggles[/url] and [url=""]Heat Vision Patch[/url] which is currently ranked #8 in the Weekly Top 10 Downloads. But this is just a small sample of his work actually. Here is the announcement: [quote]All done. Well I thought about it for a long time and I'm pretty much done with AvP2. I've been around AvP2 since the demo days of 2001 and it's been a nice ride. Enjoy the files as they remain hosted on for aslong as they can stay online. I play it less and less now. It isn't what it used to be. I may move to another game but I'm really not into online gaming as much anymore. I'm going to be moving to California pretty soon, that is anothe reason why. So to those that still roam my site for updates, thankx for stopping by and for your support in the mods I put together. Enjoy the files and goodbye to the AvP2 community.[/quote] For those interested in his previous achievements, [url=""]go visit his website![/url]
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