Another William Westwater interview

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This time the guys at Armchair Empire have interviewed him It's quite a long and intresting interview. Deffinetly worth a read. [quote]How much time was spent refining the controls for each species? ww - We spent about six months tweaking the functionality and the key configurations for the species. The trickest was the Alien headbite and pounce. The headbite was alternatively too easy to use and then too hard. We wanted you to successfully bite off a head any time that you saw your Alien teeth appear. In multiplayer, however, your machine is always a frame or two behind the server. To overcome this, we played with a number of systems before settling on client-side hit detection with server-side confirmation. Even with all that, if someone is cheating or if you play with very high lag conditions, you can miss. The pounce went through a more dramatic shift. Originally, we designed it with separate jump and attack abilities. The pounce jump required a single key while the pounce attack was automatically enabled - just like a headbite. We tried numerous ranges and sensitivity settings for the automatic system, but in the end, everything felt forced. Then we combined the two - and viola - the pounce attack was born. Not to say that it was ready for primetime. We tweaked the speed of pouncing - especially in multiplayer - right up until we shipped [/quote] check it all from [url=]here[/url]
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