Artists wanted for a AvP2 engine game

22 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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[quote]Freeform Intereactive LLC is looking for highly talented 2D/3D freelancer artists/mappers for their latest project, called Purge! All who are experienced using Lithtech engine (or their Mod tools) or used in any other 3D game engine, can connect me via email [email protected] or ICQ 1205796 Note: No need to move..all work can be done via Internet connection. [/quote] So if you have some hidden talents or you'r skilled with the litech engine give em a mail and you might just perhaps see your name in "Credits" for the next big hit ;) For more information on the project go to [url=www.PurgeOnline.net]Purgeonline[/url]

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