Hardley's Hope TDM Map

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Published by Bluehair 18 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
This was a project started back in April 2004 by [b][IL] Stew [TL][/b] and [b]Hevoc[/b]. Here is what it was about: [quote]With help with Havoc we are constructing a good representation of Lv-426. I have no idea whether it would work for a TDM enviroment but we will see - we are currently working on Medlab + the Operations center together so far its close to testing stage screenies will follow shortly. Overall map when finished with have 3 floors maybe a landing pad on roof plus 1 hive. Mainly a Aliens vs Marines map though sorry preds Marines will have few - zero ammo pick ups so would make a good survivor map lots of vents lights and unwelcome visitors banging on the door[/quote] Since then, Stew left the project. But Hevoc is determined to complete it as confirms this news post added on his site four days ago: [quote]December is always busy, and will probley allways be. But to me its extra busy. I had a goal to make my hadleys hope map finish to 01/01/05. But as things are now its gona be hard. Never give up! i will do my best to get it done by time. i am putting the last tuches to the lab. and then the part we know from the movie dont. Vents, corridors and rooms just need to be linked together.[/quote] The other good news is that he will be undertaking a new one after it :) A "western map, with a mod" as he says. Wait and see. ---- Links: |- [url="http://www.clantools.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=208;t=000048"]Clantools Forums: Official LV-426 Havoc + Stew map[/url] |- [url="http://www.queenonline.dk/lv_demo.zip"]Download Hardley's Hope Beta Demo[/url]
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