New Zero SP Mod, in the works!

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Well what do we have here? over at 00 has been making a SP Mod, called Zero Single Player Mod (aka, Zero SP Mod) INFO Below:
Here's a sneak peek of the new upcoming Zero Single Player Mod (aka, Zero SP Mod) being made by 00. As you can see by the name it is designed for single player but don't worry the Mod will also be for multiplayer. I've been wanting to do a single player mod for awhile now because almost all the mods for AVP2 are multiplayer ones which no one ever plays. I have done some previous versions of the Zero mods in the past but this one will be different. I should be releasing this mod in a few weeks but I'll be releasing it unfinished but, it will be 100% playable. It will be unfinished due to the fact that I started working on this a year and a half ago and I haven't worked on it much over the last year. I have decided to release it at about 30% done to see if people actually like it or not. If it's a big hit and people like it, I'll get around to finishing it. Most of the changes are subtle changes so the screen shots don't do it justice. I couldn't do any major modifications as that would have caused problems in the single player campaigns. Only the humans have been modded at this time, some of the modifications include working dual pistols, flares are now red and last 4 times longer, the shotgun is now an autofire shotgun with new ammo affects, and a deployable boombox for the marine single player campaign. Don't worry there are more modifications but this is just a preview so that's all you get for now.
Sounds Great! no download link yet guys! Anyway check the screens out x-M-x
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