Strifen Glyphs Updated

By Bluehair 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The site was added a number of skins this week. A pack weighting a hefty 48Mb and entitled [b]KVP: Kennedy VS Predator[/b] can even be downloaded over there. Here is what it contains: [quote]KVP comes complete with the new marine lineup known only throughout the world as the Dungeoncrew. While ownanating as the Dungeoncrew you can choose to play as KVP Marine Coleman, Exo Pilot Warden, Skill Officer Spencer, and Tugger. The Standard sub-cool cooperates are now replaced by the dreaded CHS Squad; which includes the all-star cast of Evil Chemistry Teacher: Mr. Kennedy, Part Man-Part Ibook Mr. Hinze, Semi-Jedi Julian, and of course Master Chief Charles. The Predators don the metal predator skins shown in the Predator skins sections. And the silly aliens are left to their own devices. Of course you will also find other things have been reskined as weapons, ammo boxes, exo-suits, and the like.[/quote]

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