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The Predator Rules!

By Bluehair 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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This is the title of a short movie which [url="http://fire-redhead.deviantart.com"]Fire-Redhead[/url] recently composed. He made it just for the fun of it, a fan tribute as he calls it. This is a pretty nice mixture of clips from the AvP movie; I wish it had lasted longer though *sigh* (44") You can download it directly from this link: http://fs6.deviantart.com/f/2005/032/9/f/Pred.wmv ---- PS: About the poll, it will be changed soon; I can't succeed to add a new one at the moment. And for the Co-op movie I was sent in last week, I think I will upload it in two/three parts... I'm sorry [b]Imp Hunter[/b], but our file upload issues are still not resolved. Tomorrow, you will see it up, one way or another :)

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