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Indeed seems Windebieste, the crazy AvP2 Mapper has something in store for us all, a whole new Single player campaign based on the 2004 AvP movie including six maps anyway here is what he has to say.
A lot of work still needs to be done to complete the 6 map Predator Single Player, 'Under the Hunter's Moon' campaign based on the 2004 AvP movie; but these Work in Progress screenshots show some of the details that will be featured including: -Authentic locations from the movie built by AvP2 community mappers. -Original branching storyline based on the premise of 'What if the encounter between the 2 young Yautja warriors and 'Grid' didn't happen?'. -Predator Helper Bots that follow and assist the Player in combat. -Puzzles and lethal traps based on the pyramid's architecture. -Plus a lot more. -Waaay lot more! Construction on the campaign is rapidly racing to completion and V1.0 will be available for download in August 2007. -Windebieste.
Damn.... only downside is we have to wait till August 2007!!! lol anyway check the screens. :cool: x-M-x -AvP2 files Administrator
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