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Indeed, got some new info, on the "Pilot Project mod" hehe read on.
The new Version 1 release of the mod which will be titled PILOT PROJECT ANAMORPHOSIS is coming along and release hinges on the time it takes to build the new maps. There are Four maps that I would like to see made for this mod one is already in the works, the other three still need to be started anyone who would like to build for this mod please let me know. The type of maps needed to be done are as follows a revamped compound style map set both at night and day which I call Opposing Force, a city style map called Block War and the last is a very complicated map called Island Hop.The later will need someone who can make drop ships and if possible an A.P.C. to move with crew in tow, if you feel like a challenge drop me a line at the email above. Once these maps are completed they will be added with the Pilot Project mod but kept as separate map pack so you are not forced to play the maps with the mod. what can I say I’m nice guy not microsoft. Here is a list of current changes made and some changes that are in the works ----------MISC -The new icons for the new weapons are finished. though you may need to switch classes to see the right ones -Added light, medium, heavy and specialist weapon sets for none class games these limit the types of weapons you can pick up but still grants you a larger pick up selection then a forced class game -Skin touch ups and changes - new marine camo for weapons and new attachments added -Possible removal of the Exo and replaced with either a character change with new attributes and weapons or replacing the exo with the fist community opinions will determine - spawn protection added -added more light Fx to projectiles and impacts to make night maps more visually fun, tracer fx thinned -New vision modes -----------PREDS -Most of the stun effects on weapons have been removed -Pred destruct has been timed longer with movement slowed and now has less range -Smart disc is no longer smart just really fast though testing may change it to a slow sadar tracking type that can be shot at and destroyed -Homing weapons only lock on to enemies that are much closer then before similar to the range seen in the movie predator.Still able to hit targets out side of tracking range, the projectiles speed at full charge has been set much higher to allow better accuracy at those longer ranges -WARRIOR PRED no longer has a self destruct since he prefers to die honorably and in battle. It has been replaced by an energy shield. It stops most direct damage. When moving how ever you step sightly out off the protective bubble exposing you to damage. it also limits movement and doesn’t allow weapons to be used. When activated Face hugger spider mines and sentry guns can’t “ see ” you,this will come in handy for the Primal Hunt version of this mod, also in SP and maps with AI an AI character using a melee attack is most of the time held back by the shield, projectiles and area effect weapons can pass through the shield.testing continues -Pit Fighter has been given the Javelin throwing spear and does less claw damage but has been given a life increase -New vision overlays that mimic those seen in Predator Concrete Jungle. They are animated and differ for each of the vision modes -Looking into making an anti-tracker tool for the preds.This will involve me making a new class of projectile with all new class data. This I am totally unfamiliar with so anyone who knows how to do this drop me line -Added female pred sounds -New taunts added for all preds -New Point of view models for blades and comstick(adjusted old ones) _New HH models -----------MARINES - All marines can now pick up pulses rifles -FIST armor and life lowered by 100. Ammo amount is also lowered. Added a new in cockpit view with gadgets and other items that narrows over all visibility by about 30%. This is to give the fist more of a blind spot for aliens and preds to exploit. Fist missiles now are set like SABOT rounds they do much more direct damage then it does in a wide area. The area damage range is set very low but the damage is set very high this to cause more damage to the FIST player if they use the tactic of shooting the ground at their feet with a missile to kill off an attacking alien or pred. In reminder you will still lose going toe to toe with a tank so a hit and run strategy is still best. -ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT has been set to single use and is being tested to have the option to change the spread of the strike from a cluster type to a horizontal line or to straightaway line strike. - if the fist replaces the exo a new character called the engineer will take its place. he will carry land mines, booby traps and sand bag emplacements which can stop bullet type weapons fire for now these have been added to the marine TARGAT and corp Spec Ops - Rifle type weapons such as the pulse have had their ranges increased to allow better effectiveness on larger maps such as the up coming War Zone map made for this mod ----------CORPS -Mistress Dunya has been removed.Ghost character replaces her. For now she can not be seen in heat vision, will be trying to give her a pred cloaking ability as work proceeds -Ghost has an permanent “Ocular” overlay that limits her view and she has only 100 health and no armor with the rail gun able to take down an exo in 3 shots I felt she needed more of a disadvantage. -Shocs and Shoc officer have a permanent vision overlay that restricts their peripheral vision to simulate their use of the new xeno goggles ----------ALIENS -Changed the amount of times the ranged weapons such as the acid spray can be used. some have a limited supply others need to be “reactivated”. this is to fix the spamming of the attacks -The Sentinel runs slower and jumps shorter and has had its health reduced. Its self destruct has been set to in your face range but still has the ability to kill just about anything -Tail attacks no longer stun. The attack now has an effect similar to when the pred net hits you. This effect is immediate and does not “net” you but does have the effect on you as if you’ve been thrown aside or knocked down last about a second or two - The face hugger is being tested as a playable character at the selection screen only it will be unable to be selectable in game play. Players who wish to be a predalien must start out as a face hugger. if you should die as a face hugger or pedalien you keep spawning back as a face hugger, but once you switch to another character you will not be able choose the face hugger again and as such the now stronger and faster predalien will not be available to you.At least that's how I would like it to work things may change depending. This will increase the number of alien types in game from 8 to 11 playable characters counting the chest burster. If and when the bugs are worked out, life cycle will be set as always on and the option for having it selectable will be removed, maybe. - The Queen is in the works to be replaced by the Empress. she has far more aggressive looking run and attack which I really like. I have given the empress all the queens animations but still have not been able to get her to work in MP any suggestion would be helpful to solve this problem. work on the animations is still in the early stages and proving difficult with my limited skills so no promises. -Tweaked alien animations to allow them to "burrow" like the zerg in star craft this will be given to just one alien type it leaves a dark shadow where the alien is and the alien needs to be looking in the right direction so that it's head stays below ground -Replaced runner sounds with meaner sounding ones -chestburst time increase is being tested this is to alow more time for full grown aliens to find and protect you from body campers -molt to adult time is also being tested --------Weapons- -The ELECTRO FLAME THROWER has a range increase to make it more useful this weapon is used to capture aliens even the queen and hold them for other players to kill mind you the range is still shorter then the tail strike so be careful -CORP HEAVY CANNON. With the new maps being added I felt the corps needed a missile launcher type weapon. It uses the smartgun model, fires pipe grenade type projectiles and has a slow fire rate. It's attributes are similar to the SADAR with a slow moving canon ball style bullet -OFFICER PISTOL - chrome looking 5 shot high powered pistol with scope - Reskined the rail gun to match the blue color scheme of the GHOST plus a new blue rail trail I’ve also added a warm up charge with sound before it fires. It has a 1 to 2 second delay -the flame thrower no longer feeds back on its self however it now uses a projectile type ammo with flame trail to increase the fx look. It can still hurt you at very close range plus if shot straight up the flames will fall back onto you -Corps now have a pulse rifle that matches the gray corp color scheme and used the marine pulse as parent so you can pick up a marine pulse and get a corp looking pulse instead. -Hand grenades throw range has been set lower and has less area damage -New Knife animations are being tested and may be changed to a charging type weapon which will work like the pred blades fast cuts cause little damage but a charged cut inflicts more. For the knife-hand grenades this secondary cut will be used for the throw of the grenades more the charge the farther the throw
And, here are the screen's :P x-M-x AvP2FiLeS AdMiN
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