Update, on Star Wars Mod!!!

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W00t, what's this? lol..... yes, KingKenny has an update at last..... here is what he has to say, read on!
Theres a reason why I havent updated in two months. I've been trying to get new things into the mod and still keep some surprises left in it. However I feel I have to post news on the mod so here it is: Star Wars Mod Preview Page Be sure to look at pages two and three, as page two shows a bunch of screenshots of the completed Death Star map by HHO. Page three contains screenshots of two new custom levels for the mod: Assassin, a Republic Destroyer singleplayer map and Tatooine Getaway, a Tatooine singleplayer map; both made by Artalavista. The only thing left for the mod to be 100% are the models. While they are all made, they need to be converted into abc format for AvP2.
Well, this does look promising hehe, and here some screen's x-M-x
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