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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well... It's a long story, but basically, the downloads are down (FragLand.net might have been dos-attacked, but they are still trying to figure it out). If it was a dosattack on fragland.net they won't be back up untill monday due to closures of the network operating centers and the chello / upc offices, arf. Onto our own problems, you've probably noticed that every major pictures gives the little red X for not found. The reason for this is that these pictures are also hosted at FragLand.net Why not on our own server? Well, like last time problems always come at the same time it seems, and this time is no difference. We've ran into some problems ourselfs :( It has to do with bandwidth due to the extremely populair RTCWFiles.com which was getting over 6,500 unique visitors a day. This caused a huge increase in bandwidth (3,4 gigs / day for RTCWFiles.com alone!) not to mention the increased server load (specifically MySQL) load! Anyways, read my entire message at http://www.rtcwfiles.com/ which will explain a lot. I'll try to keep you posted on the FragLand.net mirror status! Regards, Jos "Pro-Filer" Jongejan FilesNetwork.com Manager
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