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Published by Bluehair 18 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[url="http://aliensvspredator2.filefront.com/file.info?ID=29695"]This single-player level[/url] knows a pretty good success here. Yesterday, a Google search accidentally led me to its author's website - Hamm3R - and on which I notably learnt that he had started a new SP project entitled "Rampage". But unlike Infestation, it will be a full-fledged campaign. Here is the announcement: [quote]I am glad to inform you that a new campaign of my own is currently in its development stage, i am trying to give it a very professional and personnal look this time, no need to say that it will be ten time better than infestation. Actually its still in its very early stage and I cant give a release date yet, but this time I wont be alone, Deathmancer a talented mapper accepted to work with me in my endeavor and will help for the architectural part of some bits of the campaign. Actually this will be an Alien/predator Campaign, I think we will release the alien part first, then rework it and probably add some new maps for the pred part, basically the storyline is quite classical, I wont tell you the circumstances yet, but an accident happens in a research facility on earth, xenomorph specimens are on the loose. Will you be the trigger of the ruin of the mankind?[/quote] It is left undated on the site, but there was some activities in the forums last month. Then, chances are it is still on the way :) Here below, you can see a couple of WIP screenshots. Caption (from left to right): Cooling System, Eggs Chamber, Storage, Vents Access, Medical Lab, Hallways.
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