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Audio Sound Pack Mod

HOW TO INSTALL 1. Move the ALPHA_SOUND.REZ file to your Custom folder (inside your Aliens vs. Predator 2 folder). If you don't ha...


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Audio Pred 2B Sound Pack

- New splash menu - New sound played on the Multiplayer menu screen - New Pred Vision Change - New Pred Vision Loop (thermal hunti...


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Audio AvP2 Gold Edition Sound Menu

New music pack for Aliens vs. Predator 2 Gold Edition.


Audio AvP 1994 Pack

My very last AvP2 pack compiled of Capcoms 1994 AvP Arcade (beat'em up) game. The pack includes new sounds for: - All predators;...


Audio Postal

This mod changes certain categories of sounds in the game. Instead of writing about those concerned, have a look at the second pic!


Audio Donuts Complete

This mod changes music tracks and sound effects (menu, weapons, scanner, taunts ...) giving AvP2 a truly epic dimension! Its author indeed s...


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Audio Sound Pack for Humans

This is my first file it is a sound pack i decided to put to part one day, this sound pack includes new sounds for humans, new sound...


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Audio DOOM 3 Shotgun Sounds

- File Name: Doom 3 Shotgun Sounds v1 - Make Time: 10 Minutes - Changes Made: Changes The Sounds Used For The Shotgun - Date Made:...


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Audio AvP Movie Sound Pack

Well, I was bound to do it. And now I've completed version 1 of the Alien versus Predator Movie sound pack. :D I ripped high quality sounds...


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Audio Vader Taunts

Made a little sound pack for the human male taunts, uses Darth Vader Sounds. Getting excited for the movie.


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Audio Oz's_True_taunt_pack *Updated*

The name is Oz. Once of part of the HoN clan. SoHard{HC-PL}. No longer. This I spent plenty of time d/l files. Mostly sound packs. Non...


Audio Scarface Sound Pack

Sound Pack Description: Sound pack that adds numerous sounds from the movie Scarface. The majority of the sounds in this pack, are said by T...


Audio 007 Sound Pack

Sound Pack Description: Bond, James Bond. The 007 movies are just great. They have great villians, girls, cars, gadgets, music, etc. This so...


Audio Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Pack

Sound Pack Description: The main purpose of this sound pack, was to take all the classic one liners Arnold has said, and replace them with a...


Audio MATRIX Sound/Skin Pack

Skin/Sound Pack Description: My most popular skin, according to the number of times downloaded, is my Matrix_Drone skin. Since many people...


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Audio Soundpack Sirius v1.2

A sound pack for Aliens vs Predator 2. See what's included in this pack below.


Audio Star Wars sound pack Add-on

Add-On Description: While I was making the SW_MOD, I had a lot of sounds that I couldnt implement into the multiplayer part of the mod (Main...


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Audio snd02

Hi Avp2 Freak, this is soundpack V.2 with new human taunts, i hope u will enjoy it. The sounds are in a folder, NOT in a rez file. T...


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Audio Doom 3 Sound Pack

This update to the Doom 3 sound pack contains a few new features. Check the read-me for details.


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Audio Doom 3 Sound Pack

This sound pack adds several sounds from Doom 3 to your AvP2 experience. Check the read-me to find out what sounds have been replaced...


Audio Classic AvP Sound Pack

Classic AvP Sound Pack This pack includes several sounds from AvP(1) Gold converted for AvP2. Now u can hear new screams, taunts, weapo...


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Audio Oz's True Taunt Pack *Final*

Ok so here is how it goes I tried to d/l some taunt packs in the past but I didn't like them so what I did is I made my own. It was called "...


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Audio AvP Requiem Sound Pack

Info: Lots of sounds taken from the AVP Requiem Movie for a sound pack. I remixed alot of sounds to make them sound different then their o...


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Audio Captain Nascimento Sound Pack

I said I would mod taunts in the BOPE Mod but they are in Portuguese and it would decrease the popularity within non-brazilians. - Você n...


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