Aliens vs. Predator 2

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All Files In Aliens vs. Predator 2 Huds
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Huds Acheronmission Loading Bar

A new AvP2 hud. Changes the loading bar textures with the original Acheron mission colonian marine platoon.


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Huds Predator Hud

A AvP2 hud which changes the predator Predator hud(new hand textures etc)


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Huds Marine Hud

An AvP2 hud skin which changes the AvP2 marine hud(changes motion tracker, pulse rifle, smart tracker.. etc)


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Huds XMP Loading Bar

An AvP2 hud skin which gives the game a new loading bar.


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Huds PatchBlade Loading Bar

An AvP2 hud skin which adds a new loading bar.


Huds Railgun Scope

Need I say anything? It's a red look to the railgun scope. Works great in night vision too.


Huds Railgun Scope

Once again... It's a red look to the railgun scope. v2 works better with normal vision and terrible in night vision.


Huds Enhanced Night Vision

In 1999, we have achieved night vision that can see clearly in the dark but in 2000 whenever, marines have to cope with a rather fuzzy image...


Huds Red H&E Bar

This changes the Health & Energy Bar for the predators on AVP2 to look like the one off of AVP2 Primal Hunt so when you use this Pred Hud Sk...


Huds Vd0T Cr0ssHair

This skin changes the Marines' crosshair. It is a lot more visible now :)


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Huds Deathdealer Pred

This is a set of textures that replaces the standard Predator's HUD regular arms, hands, and wristblades with realistically bloody versions...


Huds Animated Sniper Rifle Scope

1. Description New, blue and a bit more transparent Sniper Rifle scope. Scan lines are animated ( custom sprite file ).


Huds Hugger Hud

HuggerHUD Facehugger Hud for normal Aliens.