Aliens vs. Predator 2

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Maps De_dust

This map is based on the Counter-Strike de_dust level. Surprisingly similar! This map is more then similar, other then a couple a...


Maps CastAway

An large island-battlefield. In storm mode, the map is dark, rainy and windy, and a killer tornado is on the prowl! I would ac...


Maps Cyb Nebel

Excellent new level, supporting DM, TDM, Survivor, Hunt, Overrun, and Evac modes. Great dark atmosphere with lots of places to hide!


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Maps AI Tutorials and Prefabs For AvP2. (1.0)



Maps Zelfmoordmissie

This is a very small skirmish map on an underground tower. You'll have sniper positions and a lot of respawning Aliens, including Facehugger...


Maps Dm outpost 54

This is just a revamp of the original outpost4 map. added some underground tunnels, more space inside the main building and some other feat


Maps DM_Beavercreek (AVP2/HALO)



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Maps NekroSanktum

An AVP2 Map.


Maps Ultimate Mappack 3 (UMP3)

What "Ultimate Mappack 3" contains    We did not create any of the maps or game content in the Ultimate Mappack. The mappack conta...


Deathmatch Triple Collision

This map once again shows how good are the Avp2 mappers. It takes place inside a large, blue-toned warehouse and is very pleasing to look at...


Deathmatch Jungle

If AvPvM was the thing! this map is it, at nearly 30 megs to download it's very nice..and I mean a nice addition to the AvP custom map commu...


Deathmatch Killfest

This map includes two teleporters. The teleporters are one way sets. There is a lack off weapons in the here for both human and pred. L...


Deathmatch lc_depot

Remix of the original depot map with improved design & location. Added also a sound effect from the game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Deathmatch DM_AlienControl

A bit of a pain to rez up and install, but it's a good map. Worth the trouble.


Deathmatch Broken Dream

Clever idea to make a three-in-one map. So big it's ideal for massive lan parties, horrible for anything else. The concept is very good,...


Deathmatch Acid Reflux

An incredibly unique and original map; the whole thing completely vertical. One room, a dozen sets of ladders, and a basin of green water a...


Deathmatch Murder Ball

Large, arena style map. Numerouswalk ways and dizzying heights make for a good fight in a dangerous place. Dat file is a pain to install...


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Deathmatch Bw_Dome

Small arena map. I didn't care for it very much but can see how it could be appealing to some looking for a small map to duel on. It's a...


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Deathmatch BW Jungle Hunt

Great map for both preds and humans. This is a great level for one on one games and having fun. As a human you can also destroy the trees...


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Deathmatch BW Mayhem II

A good map if you're looking for lots and lots of AI bugs. It's a DAT file so you'll need to place it in maps/dm


Deathmatch TI HQ

HUGE map, TONS of AI, and lots of dark corriders. This is one of the first MP maps in which I've seen ai Marines, ai Preds, AND ai Aliens....


Deathmatch Xenocortex

this myu 2nd map for avp2 and it took me ages making and it rocks. it the best hive map out there. it makes windebeitses tar-baby loo...


Deathmatch Jungle2

Its a medium sized map that supports all game types inc evac and overrun. It is a little taxing on ur puter... but hopefully not to m...


Deathmatch DM_Osiris

This is huge industrial-like map set in an open area. Its varied geometry enables a good deal of tactics: you can snipe, camp and even attra...