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Marines Sniper Virus

A basic skin for the AVP 2 Game.


Marines Silver Soldier

This today's submission adds new skins to all Marines in the game (both SP and MP aspects). Give it a try!


Marines Damage Assessment Unit

This file notably contains two skins for Ivan and Dunya.





Marines Blood Rage

Author's Note Rykov, now has a new look, gave him load's of blood, and a few stitches, with a tattoo on his arm's, pi...


Marines Dimitri 5000

Author's Note Dimitri_5000, is made to look like he's from the future, lol, so gave him some blood on his arm's, with...


Marines 101st Airborne

This skin is of a futuristic 101st Airborne. It replaces Harrison. it is my first skin for AVP 2.


Marines Bruce Facial Redesign

- * Special Notes: Just a Remake of Bruce, just updated his face to look alot better.


Marines The Neo Nemesis Project

This is sort of a remake from the Nemesis skin I did a while back. It has some changes though, well alot, really the only thing I used from...