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Mini Mods Enhanced Flamethrower

This is the first ever modification for AvP2 which changes the marine flamethrower to look a lot nicer and eyecatching.


Mini Mods Anti-Stagger Mod

This mod simply fixes two animation glitches that let you super rapid fire the pulse rifle and sniper rifle. This mod requires both the ser...


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Mini Mods Alpha Sound Pack

This sound mod replaces several taunts as well as weapon fire.


Mini Mods Skullz5

This is a pretty neat mini-mod. it changes the skull for the predator HUD with any of the five that you can choose from in the pack. I li...


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Mini Mods BloodyTearsPack 2.0

Acid Glow's done it again! Another great sound pack for AVP2, the music is well placed this time around and most sounds are movie authent...


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Mini Mods Clear Pred

ok you hate those lines when you are cloaked this will take them away email= [email protected] enjoy made by JINZU



This mod gives the aliens real fisheye vision,unlike the default,wich is boring.


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Mini Mods AVP2 3 species Demo (158Mb) version Cheater

This will make the enemies does NO damage on you if you chose the dificulty ''Ease'' and the enemies will do 1% of damage if you chose the...


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Mini Mods No Ghosts Patch

The title pretty much describes it all, this mod will clear avp2 of ghost shots.


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This is basically the same as before,but the look is better than the last.


Mini Mods Star Wars Mod Lightsaber Model pack Add-on

While I was making the SW_MOD, I asked RaptorRed to help convert some Star Wars weapon models from JK3:JA into AvP2 and she did. During this...


Mini Mods MechaMod

This is my first major mod for AVP2, and it took forever to make(with rest breaks often), but It's worth it when you play. There are alot...


Mini Mods Stars Mod

Version 1 BETA Features: - New Hud (Motion Tracker, CrossHair, Ammo Counter, Etcetra) - New Sounds For ALL Weapons + Torch and HAcKing P...


Mini Mods AvP2:Corporate mod

//// //...


Mini Mods Juicy Gore Mod

1. GENERAL INFO This mod will satisfy your gore-craving needs. Greatly improves the gore aspect of the game. NOTE: This...


Mini Mods Pistol With Laser

laser, pistol with laser, by,


Mini Mods Vision Mode Fix

    Ever since I bought a new computer with Windows 8 and a Nvidia card, AvP2 runs a little bit glitched out. The alien night visi...


Mini Mods Head Control Mod

    I was messing around with the helmet model attachment and I realized that I can swap the helmet with the facehugger model. Thu...


Mini Mods AvP2 MAGA Mod

    First I should give this mod some backstory. In AvP2's playerbase/community from 2018-2019 there seemed to be two major ca...


Mini Mods Purge Powerups

This is a small mod that swaps AvP2's health and armor pickup models with the supply box powerup model from the Lithtech game called Pur...


Mini Mods Star Wars Mod v2.0 - MSP 2.4 Patch

This patch is designed to fix problems caused by Master Server Patch (MSP) 2.4 when it is run alongside with Star Wars Mod 2.0.If the player...


Mini Mods Halloween Madness Mod

This is a small mod that gives AvP2 a more Halloween theme. I originally just wanted to give human npcs pumpkin heads, but then I decided to...