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Mods X-Coop

This Mod will allow you to play the official SP missions with a teammate or possibly a squad.Problems will arise {mainly on the marine missi...


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Mods AvP2 Patch Mod

This mod was a continuation off my AvP2 Gold25 but, when the mod was complete, it was no longer similar to Gold 25's game style. Thu...



PROJAM is a mod for AvP2 that redefines all the skins, sounds, physics, and gameplay for both the Multiplayer and Single Player exper...


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Mods BloodClan Pack

This is a compilation of the best (in my opinion) of previously created mods and skins by other authors. This pack includes skin changes for...


Mods AVP2 Mod Manager

This Mod Manager looks for anything in your "Custom folder" (ie) mods/skins/maps No need for command lines


Mods Ce'Kit Predator

This mod changes quite a bit in AvP2, including some weapon reskins, a predator skin, and a completely re-done HUD.


Mods Fortress mod Patch

This server side corrects the behavior of not showing the CTF and One Flag CTF game modes. It updates the mod from version 1.0 to 1.01


Mods Exploding Monkeys Mod

In January of 2008, I posted news of the release of my Knife Replacement Pack. Upon posting the news, I received a mod idea/request from Win...


Mods HQP - High Resolution Textures (2.0)

"High Quality Pack 2.0 - High Resolution Textures" is the bigest mod I ever made.


Mods Starcraft Menu (Beta)

a starcraft menu mod for all those starcraft fans out there.


Mods Evilution MOD

Had fun with the Commando MOD? Was it a bit too hard? No worries, the good FBV has something new for you!!


Mods Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server mod v1.5, full version

Project "Savior" is a mod designated to increase the lifespan of AvP2 internet multiplayer games, by providing an alternate master server. T...


Mods Aliens vs. Predator 2 mod Project Savior 1.3 to 1.5 patch

Patch that updates 1.3 and 1.4 clients to the 1.5 version. Older versions must use the full version.


Mods Aliens vs. Predator 2 mod The Master Server patch v1.5.1, full version

Project "Savior" is a mod designated to increase the lifespan of AvP2 internet multiplayer games, by providing an alternate master server.


Mods AvP2 Master Server Patch v1.5.2

The master server patch, final version. Object.lto is now residing in its own .rez file, lithserv.rez. This improves or even completely remo...


Mods Star Wars Mod v2.0 - Special Edition

Star Wars Mod v2.0 is a total conversion mod for Aliens vs Predator 2. It is easily the biggest mod for AvP2 (as of time of release) in that...


Mods Blood n' Guts Mod

    Blood n' Guts Mod is a gore mod for AvP2. It increases the size of all the blood splats, blood droplets, gibs/guts/chunks...


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Single Player Lock On Targeting

A Avp2 single player mod which lets you have your pistol,shotgun,pulse Rifle,Minigun And sniper rifle to home like the smartgun in single pl...


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Single Player Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is now a playable avp2 mod, this will be a excellent threat for the fans of the tv show.


Single Player Bloody Tears Pack

Ok guys, it's finally time. What time? NEW MOD REVIEW TIME! ok, so first mod here in ages... Bloodytearspack by acidglow. say...


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Single Player Utter Chaos

This mod is exactly what it says. Utter Chaos. Nothing uncloaks the predator, rockets explode acid. This mod is nuts! Pistol spam, th...


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Single Player MicroMod

This is an update to earlier MicroMods, which further balances gameplay by altering weapon loadouts, power, rate of fire, and a few c...


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Single Player MicroMod

This is (hopefully) the final revision of MicroMod, intended to tone down overpowered weapons and make others more useful. Nothing tr...


Single Player Zero Mod

This is the first mod for any game I've ever made. Obviously, it is not the best mod but I'm trying :) I was trying to go for a more...