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Multi Player AXP

You might have heard rumors of an mod team working on, for you to play as an queen, an synth, and an exo suit, well the rumors are true.


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Multi Player AXP

The update to the axp mod features local taunting and newer better taunts for the predator and marine characters.


Multi Player AvP2 Special Edition

A mod from the well known AvP player InfamousAndy. It completely rebalances the game. The focus of this mod is and always will be gam...


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Multi Player AvP Special Edition

InfamousAndy's first completed mod.


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Multi Player AvP Special Edition

InfamousAndy's second completed mod.


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Multi Player AXP1097final

Now this is a great addition to the AVP community. It does away with the constant compalint of "SK" and "You lousy killspawn or skiee...


Multi Player Lethal Tournament

I honestly can't say much about this one. For some reason I coulden't get it to work. The guy who submitted it was pretty psyched about...


Multi Player AvP2 Gold25 Mod

If you have this file, then this mod has all the sounds from my Bloody Tears Sound Pack 22C and a few more addititions I made from my...


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Multi Player Survival Of The Fittest

This mod changes many aspects of the game to give it more movie-like feel, and make the gameplay more intense. Weapons were signif...


Multi Player AXP Extreme

The AXP Extreme v1.0 Mod is not officially supported by Monolith Productions, Inc. or Fox Interactive. NOTE: This mod is specific...


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Multi Player Survival Of The Fittest

The update for AvP2SOTF2 is out. It updates the mod to versi...


Multi Player Mageless

- New Splash Screen On Game Load Up - New Menus, Fonts, Colours and themes - A few other things I cant remember but dont forget thi...


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Multi Player Hunter Mod

The predator hunter mod gives a more movie-based experience to the Predator vs. Human battles. It also has balanced certain areas of...


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Multi Player AvP2Z Contamination

AVP2Z Contamination, a mod for AVP2 for multiplayer games. More life, ammo, speed, modified weapons. Four teams: aliens, predators, m...


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Multi Player Space Roaches

MP/SP mod for AVP2/Primal Hunt. 32 different humans, 5 Preds, 7 Aliens plus more. The SPACE ROACHES Mod is mainly for the LAN-INTE...


Multi Player FFPS Tournoi

The FFPS Tournoi Mod is a restriction mod for the AvP2 weapons. I also like to call it: "the anti n00b mod" It respects and applies stric...


Multi Player AxP:Realism

What's new in version 2.1 As you can probably guess by the title, my mod has merged with the AxP mod. This does not mean my mod will be a...


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Multi Player Dual Pistol

Here is a little mod which will let you use the powerful M-4A4 pistol from Primal Hunt in AvP2 MP. It was available to the Corporates in tha...


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Multi Player Imp's Co-op Fix

The Folder Impcoop contains a few sample levels from the marine single player campaign just so you can try it with some friend. Place...


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Multi Player Amok

Amok is a multiplayer mod for Primal Hunt - Aliens vs Predator 2 expansion pack. I didn't really like standard PH settings so I d...


Multi Player AJL Modification



Multi Player AJL Modification Patch

AJL-Modification B.0.2 Made by Alien_JL ***Changes*** General: Several bugs fixed, including lifecycle bug, perfect aim bug, and vari...


Multi Player ======Impcoop v2======

At bloody last the new version is out :D Download this rar file (duh) then extract and the rez files inside to your main avp2 directory s...


Multi Player AO2: Encounter

"No Description on this Mod"


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