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PredAliens Eradicator Predalien

An silver looking pred alien


PredAliens Predator Alien

This changes the PredAlien skin to give a lighter tone, and makes it more Predator and less Alien. Its very detailed and is a remake of a v...


PredAliens Shadow Predalien

Very dark Predalien skin. Tough to hit in poorly lighted areas, but a treat if you can get close enough to catch the detail.


PredAliens Beelzebub

Make a folder named "Custom" in your AvP 2 Director...


PredAliens Bloody PrediAlien

What is it? a skin that transforms the Predialien into a red deamon with bone armour plates.


PredAliens Tyran hive Predalien

Info ---- 2 years later following on from the Tyran Hive Drone, comes the Predalien. 3rd in the series Powerful jump and pounce makes this...


PredAliens Mechapredalien

Another 'mecha' skin completed. Whew! It took awhile, but it was worth it! coming soon:mechapraetorian, and mechaqueen


PredAliens DPredal7

This mod is a skin for PredAlien. It makes him dark and his skin looks more like as a alien.


PredAliens Bloody Predalien

Author: Yaji Mail: yaji2 AT go2 DOT pl Name: Bloody Predalien Version: 1.0 * * * * * * * 1. Description New Predalien SKin...


PredAliens Inferno Glaze

Predalien, now has a new "High Resolution" look, gave him a burn skin/blood texture to it!


PredAliens Burnt Black

This is 1 of 3 of my favorite Alien skins I made. This is the PredAlien skin know as BurntBlack. This is a nice Alien skin. You can use this...


PredAliens Leatr' Alien

* Leatr'Alien * - File N...


PredAliens Septic Raze

Author's Note A diseased Predalien in it's time found in the darkest of sewers i give you "Septic Raze" enjoy!


PredAliens War Vesper

Author's Note A tormented & confused Predalien in it's time is out for Revenge! i give you "War Vesper" enjoy!


PredAliens Rift predalien

Filename: Riftpred The RiftPredalien, a red predalien that haves White and gray details, and follow the same patterns of all Rift's Alie...