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All Files In Aliens vs. Predator 2 Runners
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Runners Eradicator Runner

heres the quote from the reviewer of avpcenter XenomessengeR This is the latest creation from Eradicator and it is very impressive...


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Runners Blood Runner

This skin gives the Runner Alien a darker, and more sinister look to it. This gives you more of a reason to be afraid of this lightning fas...


Runners Alien 3 Skin

A cool little replica of the queen's protector from Alien 3. Take it to leadworks and recreate the movie!


Runners Multi Runner Skin Pack

Here is a skin pack for the runner class. It contains 3 different skins for the runner.


Runners Silver Runner

This is a skin for the Runner Alien; it gives it a silver, shiny look.


Runners Movie Runner

I made this one cause I got sick of the pink runner, this is more realistic to Alien³


Runners Hound of Hell

Start Av...


Runners Furious Runner

Author's Note Well, The runner has a new look, i've made it darker with some new flesh and blood texture's, and so...


Runners Bizarre runner

Hello, and thank you for downloading this skin! I am Qtamo, the author of this skin. Install instructions: Create a file called custo...


Runners Tyran hiveRunner

Info ---- 2 years later following on from the Tyran Hive Drone, comes the Runner. 2nd in the series and quick as hell :)


Runners Forest Runner Alien

Forest Runner Alien What is it? a skin that transforms the runner in to a green forest Alien


Runners ScapeGoat Xenomorph

Reskin of the runner class. A second version is promised.


Runners Mecharunner

And yet another mecha 'alien' completed!!! Surprisingly my 'Mecharunner' wasn't hard at all to do, except for my occassionally irritati...


Runners drunner7_2

Hi there, this mod is a skin for the Runner. It has some little changes what makes him a more darker and he looks like more a real bad al...


Runners Silicon Creature Runner

Author: Yaji Mail: yaji2 AT go2 DOT pl Name: Silicon Creature Runner Version: 1.0 * * * * * * * 1. Description New skin fo...


Runners Cheetah Runner

* * * * * * * 1. Description Nice and hi-res cheetah fur texture for Runner :) * * * * * * *


Runners Grid Runner

This is the Grid runner


Runners Resurrected Dog Alien

Resurrected Dog Alien v2.0 This skin is a resurrection of an old avp1 alien skin by Willis Choi. It's the dog alien from "Alien3"


Runners Aftermath

* Aftermath * - File Name...


Runners Invert Alien

* Invert Alien * - File N...


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Runners Wave Runner

* Wave Runner * - File Na...


Runners Eternal Forsaken

* Eternal Forsaken * - Fi...


Runners Dust Green

* Dust Green * - File Nam...


Runners Fallen Angel

File Name: Fallen Angel Character: Runner Rez Line: -rez custom/fallenangel.REZ The Fallen Angel, A Purple Runner with Yellow details....


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