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Marines Sniper Virus

A basic skin for the AVP 2 Game.


Marines Silver Soldier

This today's submission adds new skins to all Marines in the game (both SP and MP aspects). Give it a try!


Marines Damage Assessment Unit

This file notably contains two skins for Ivan and Dunya.





Marines Blood Rage

Author's Note Rykov, now has a new look, gave him load's of blood, and a few stitches, with a tattoo on his arm's, pi...


Marines Dimitri 5000

Author's Note Dimitri_5000, is made to look like he's from the future, lol, so gave him some blood on his arm's, with...


Marines 101st Airborne

This skin is of a futuristic 101st Airborne. It replaces Harrison. it is my first skin for AVP 2.


Marines Bruce Facial Redesign

- * Special Notes: Just a Remake of Bruce, just updated his face to look alot better.


Marines The Neo Nemesis Project

This is sort of a remake from the Nemesis skin I did a while back. It has some changes though, well alot, really the only thing I used from...



After HOH started playin the DE_DUST map... I couldn't help but notice that the aliens stood out like an ink spot on your grandma's biege...


Predators HOHXenopreds

The music band HOH has taken intrest in AvP. They've released several skins and asked for a linkship with us(which was approved this morni...


Predators Predator Skin Pack

Here is an Predator skin pack made by Alien King


Predators Snowflake Cloak Effect

I made this file unintentional really. I was just messing around with some snowflake patterns and I then decided to see how this woul...


Predators Blooded Legacy Predators

This skin pack changes all 5 preds into evil looking Blooded Clan Legacy Tribe Preds. They have new weapons colours and new taunts. T...


Predators Green Gas Cloak Effect

This is a new cloak effect for the Predator; it also comes with new cloaking sounds.


Predators Celtic Predator

Celtic Predator The celtic predator from the avp movie is now available for you to play with it. This mod replaces the original predator...


Predators Unreal Parts Predator Mask

Just changes the pred mask to a mask i made with UT2k4 textures. Made this about a year or so ago, just now found it, so i decided to throw...


Predators AkA NeXuS ViSioN

Got aKa NeXuS ViSi0n finally up for download, this is one of my favorite skins I've created. Basically took the AkA pred and have changed hi...


Predators Star Wars Trooper Pred Mask

Just used the storm trooper mask to make a new pred mask, had to alter it a little to make it fit.


Predators Movie Cloak Effect

This is a brand new cloak effect for the Predators, it only works for PRIMAL HUNT at this time, if i figure out how to make it work for AvP2...


Predators Darkone

Make a folder named "Custom" in your AvP 2 Directory...


Predators Darkone V2

Make a folder named "Custom" in your AvP 2 Director...


Predators Military Blazer

Author's Note Well, the Military Blazer, is from AvP Extinction hehe but this, predator has no laser's as it's weapon...


Predators Honored Tooth

Simple reskin of the predator along with some modifications to the HUD.