A Loner's Fate

This is an extensively modified version of the Monolith built Multiplayer map, A Lesser Fate - which ships with Aliens vs Predator 2...


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This is an extensively modified version of the Monolith built Multiplayer map, A Lesser Fate - which ships with Aliens vs Predator 2 - redeveloped to bring it up to Single Player Skirmish mode. As the original map is made for Multiplayer purposes only, playing it on your own in Single Player is a pretty unexciting affair.

This map changes all of that...

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Download 'a_loners_fate_v1.zip' (3.37MB)

A Loner's Fate Version 1.0

A raw uncompiled sample file of A Lesser Fate is included as part of the Official AvP2 Tools.  For the purpose of this exercise, A Loners Fate, the map sample was completely gutted, leaving only the basic brush layout as a base to work from.  Extensive retexturing then took place; modifications to some of the architecture to give it better connectivity and new lighting to create a darker, moodier and more dramatic atmosphere are some of the altered features of A Loner's Fate.  Finally, spawn points and volumes for Alien AI have been added to give a fast Single Player Skirmish experience.   

This time, Buddy Boy, you're on your own..!

Title                   : A Loners Fate
Version                 : 1.0
Release Date            : July 2002
Type			: Single Player Skirmish.
Author               	: Phil 'Windebieste' Wlodarczyk
Email Address           : windebieste AT planetavp DOT com
Other Levels by Author  : DM_Ruinous, AvP2 Multiplayer map.
			  SK_Ruinous, AvP2 Single Player Skirmish map
			  GLADIATOR, AvP2 Single Player Skirmish map

Game                    : Aliens vs. Predator 2
Single Player           : Yes, Skirmish Mode only.  
Difficulty Settings     : Well, Sort of.  There are two Flame Throwers located on this map.  One of them is 'booby trapped'. 			  That is, when it is picked up, an AI Face Hugger is spawned into the map and it has your name on 			  it.  The other Flame Thrower is a normal, harmless pick up.  You go figure which one is which.  ;)
Multiplayer		: No.
New Sounds              : No.
New Textures            : Yes.  Some existing textures have been modified to expand the 'Infested' texture set that comes 			  with the game.
Included Files		: A_Loners_Fate.txt - This readme file.
			  sk_alonersfate.rez - Map components.

Editor Used             : DEdit.
Base                    : A Lesser Fate.  Built by Monolith Productions.
Construction Time       : About a week
Brushes Used		: 566
Processing Time         : 9.10 Minutes.
Known Bugs		: Steam sometimes disappears.  Any bug reports will be gratefully appreciated.  

Make sure you have the latest version of AvP2 installed on your machine, which, as of this map build, is currently:

Place the sk_alonersfate.rez file in your c:\AliensVsPredator2\Custom folder.  You may need to create a 'Custom' folder first.

Start the game as normal and in the Game Launcher's Options, enter into the Command-Line field (cut & paste, if you like):

-rez custom\sk_alonersfate.rez

Return to the Game Launcher's Main Menu and select: Play.  The game will then load as normal.  

Then select: Single Player ->  Custom Levels ->  Worlds\Custom\SK_ALONERSFATE

Revision History:

Version 1.0:

	* First playable Version 1.0,  Released: July, 2002.

My Thanks Goes to These People:  
Groden, whose efforts expanded the infested appearance of the map by modifying existing textures.
Everybody, who contributed to questions and answers in the avpnews.com and planetavp.com editing Forums - thanks, Guys. There's a ton of help in those Forums for anybody who seeks answers to their editing woes.

Thanx, Monolith for creating this awesome game, and then giving us the tools so that we could make it even better!  ;)

Copyright / Permissions

You MAY distribute this level and associated files included with it through an electronic network as long as the .zip file contents remain unchanged.



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