A Raider's Tale MOD



Yo people!!

If you wish to give yours AvP2 Primal Hunt a new, fresh look, here you have the right file.

This is my first ever publishied MOD, there may be some grammar and syntax errors in here, 'cuz i am not of english language.

Extra news: i am making a sequel to this MOD, based on the standard AvP2 game "Time Raiders" go check it on Youtube if you want to see the sneak peek video ;-)

Final warn: i am not from USA or UK, so don't blame me if you find some cheesy grammarsyntax errors...thanks :-)




//Intro & Got to know stuff//

Yo! Thanks for dowloading this MOD!
I am an OUTSIDER of the AvP community, you can refer to me as "FBV86".
A Raider's Tale is an attempt to Realism and Game Balance MOD, but it features also new stuff, like...
- New butes (of course, otherwise this wouldn't be a true MOD)
- New sounds.
- New Fx effects.
- Few new weapons for both S.P. and M.P.
- A major skinning job on Aliens and Predators, and human weapons.
- Tweaked Ai for a more challenging Single Player experience.

But the best thing is...there are no glitch or known bugs in this MOD, the few ones were present in the un-modded Primal Hunt as well, so...
- You can do a quicksave everytime you need without the concern of a game-crash.
- You can use the weapon inventory at your pleasure without causing the game to freeze.

AcidGlow's PredAlien sounds has been used under his permission.
All other soundsskins were done by myself or rippedinspired directly from the movies, any resomiliance with other people work is purely casual.
If you want to use any component of this MOD for your own, even for public use, feel free to, just give me credit in your README file.

To install this MOD you just need to place the PH_RT.rez file in the main AvP2 Primal Hunt folder, then, double click the PrimalHunt.exe, go to the options menù and type -rez PH_RT.rez in the command line, now you're ready to run the game.



-Ancient Drone
This class of drone were created as a "Trade Character" for this MOD, they represent the ancient hive leading forces.
They are both available for the AI and for the Multiplayer.
They are also stronger than regular drones, when you meet these guys in the S.P. be sure to have a shotgun or a dagger with you.

Also know as "The Cannon Fodder" (well, not really) these guys replaces the Simple_AI Runners, they are fast as regular drones, but slightly weak.
They can be hardly distinguished from the regular drones, anyway, looking at their head may do the trick: they have plated cranium. 
This class of drone is not playable in M.P. (beacuse they're too similar to standard drones)

This is the Simple_AI Drone, its skin concept is an attempt to the classical H.R. Giger Alien.
This class of drone is also playable in M.P.


-Main Changes (overall)
Not much to say: aliens still possess their own characteristics, but now they are more balanced, now every alien is obiviously faster than any other character.


All the PredAliens classes are quite special now, they can be hardly spotted with the E.M. vision engaged, and they can regain more health than other aliens.

Since it has been "evicted" by its "big brother" in the S.P. (the Ultra Predalien) this poor guy settled itself as a playable character in the M.P.
It shares all the main abilities of its "big brother" but it's slightly weaker.

-Ultra Predalien
One of my oldest modded characters, it has been deeply modified within the timeline, and now it's back!! I am really proud of this skin concept!
In this MOD the Ultra Predalien is playable in the Alien S.P. campaign.
It sports an high damage resistance and the special ability to regain 9/10 of it's healt from a headbited human or predator.
This fearsome beast is available in M.P. as well.

//Human Weapons//

-Pistol & Double Pistols
Minor changes here, the animations has been tweaked to reduce slightly their fire rate, but their ammo damage has been increased a bit.
The Double Pistols have a bit more kickback and recoil effect.

-Pulse Rifle
Tweaked to discourage noobs to spam all the 8 grenades, now it has reversed alt_fire animation, this means that the sucky human has to pump action before firing the nade.
Plus it has a short transition delay at the end of the alt_fire animation that not allow the player to fire the grenades sequentially, but this also affects the primary fire.

-Grenade Launcher
EMP grenades stunning effect is shorter.
SpidMines damage amount has been decreased a bit.

The excellent nooby weapon of choice, now it uses projectiles intead of vectors, the projectile travels really fast and has custom trail FX.
All other things are unalterated.

The KING OF ROCKET LAUNCHERS is mainly unalterated, it just fires a single rocket for magazine, but the reload animation is faster.
All other things are unalterated.

-Sniper Rifle
This noobish weapon has been deeply tweaked, now it uses projectiles instead of vectors, the projectile travels really fast and has custom trail, impact and suond FX.
The damage ammount is setted to not to kill humans with full armor and the stronger aliens and predators in a single shot. (until they were head-shot)
It also needs to be reloaded every 5 shots, the fire rate is unlaterated.
New sounds and scope included.

//Predator weapons//

-Meele Changes (overall)
Wristblades has now a slightly short range.

-Long Dagger
This long blade is basically a quick trophy-retreiver, with this you can retrive multiple throphies in no time, but you can use it as melee weapon too.
It's also a wise choice to get rid quickly of a single strong enemy shuch as the ancient drones, and the wild chameleons, but praetorians may wish to eat something else.
It has a wider range than the standard wristbaldes but shorter range than the combistick, it's used more like a combistick than as the wristblades.
It shares a double slot with the wristblades, so you may press twice "1" to choose the dagger, or choose it from the weapon inventory.

-Shoulder Blaster
This caster fires quickly than the classic Shoulder Cannon, and does not decloack the predator when fired, but has not alt_fire, and nor target-locking.
It has also a Blast radius wich damages nearby enemies.
It shares a double slot with the Predator Pistol, so you may press twice "3" to choose the Shoulder Blaster, or choose it from the weapon inventory.
The Shoulder Blaster is available only in MP

-Predator Pistol
One of the "noobiest" pred weapons, now this hated thing has reduced radius damage and the stunning effect duration is shorter.
Plus it's animations has been setted to gave it a slower fire rate for both fire modes.

-Shoulder Cannon
As many modders does, its projectiles does not home in targets, althought they travel faster, the weapon still lock-on enemies.
It has a tiny blast radius damage in S.P. wich is disabled in M.P.
It also includes new projectile and trail FX effects that makes it more movie-looking.

-Hot Bombs
Mainly unalterated, they are just available in a restricted ammount of 3 pieces.

//Alien Attacks//

-Meele Changes (overall)
Most of meele attack range has been decreased.

-Claws (overall)
Overall attack rate has been decreased a bit, so, now aliens have more trouble to break free from pred nets.

-Predalien Claws
Has twice of vectors than other alien's claws, damage has been adjusted to fit with the vectors.
This means the PredAliens would do more damage than other aliens when they are closer to their prey.

-Predalien Headbite (devour)
Predaliens have more vectors for the headbite attack, so they can gain almost full-healt by headbiting humans and preds, the success of this attack is variable.
Sometimes not all vectors hit victim's head, so may comes in handy to bite victim's chest after aiming at its head.
They also needs to get closer than other aliens to perform an headbite, they may need to crouch to headbite a dead enemy.

-Tail (drones, predaliens and runner)
Tail has now a brief time-lag before attacking, but it is more useful and does more damage...
First attack does a respectable ammount of damage, plus stuns mostly of the victims for a split second.
Second attack does twice damage than the first, makes the victim to bleed for a split secon after recived the hit. 
Third attack is three-times powerful than the first attack, it should kill every creature if headshot, if they were hit somewere else, most of them will bleed to death.

-Tail (Queen and Praetorian)
Noble aliens have such raw power, both the Queen and the Praetorian owns the longer and tickest tail, that's why it has extended range than the other aliens's tail.
It usually kills any enemy, but a Queen, in a single hit.

-Pounce (overall)
Pounce does a shorter stunning effect, less damage, and the drone is the one with the longest pounce distance, then comes... 
The Ultra PredAlien, and does twice damage than the drone.
The PredAlien, and does same damage as its big brother.
The Runner, and does the most ridiculus amount of damage.
Praetorian does not pounce jump.

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