Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Master Server Patch (2.4) - REQUIRED UPDATE



Patch/Mod to play avp2 online Newest changes are - from 2.3.3 - fixed a memory leak when handling mouse input - disabled the new mouse input handler on Windows XP - the version filter now filters servers by master server patch version - fixed a bug that corrupted the F3 display.

Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Master Server Patch Mod (Version 2.4) a mod that is used to play online on many servers with different modes such as EVAC/DM/TDM/SURVIVOR etc!

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Component:   New master server integration files.
Summary:     modified client shell and dedicated server, to use a community 
             driven master server.

Authors:     Herr_Alien, The_One, AJL, Infamous Andy, and Bunny-s for the Bunny-s AvP2 server side modification.
             1.5.4 and 2.x releases by TBBC.
Build Date:  27-09-2018
Version:     2.4

1. Aliens vs. Predator 2

Licensing and Copyright notes:
Aliens vs. Predator 2 - Master Server Patch must be distributed solely for free. 
Neither you nor any other person or party may sell it to anyone, commercially
exploit it in any way, or charge anyone for using it. You may exchange it at 
no charge among other end-users, as long as the original ZIP file remains unchanged.

For the lastest info on the master server patch, visit http://www.avp2msp.com

 - from 2.3.4
      - moved the master server to a more stable provider

 - from 2.3.3
      - fixed a memory leak when handling mouse input
      - disabled the new mouse input handler on Windows XP
      - the version filter now filters servers by master server patch version
      - fixed a bug that corrupted the F3 display

 - from 2.3.2
      - fixed some issues that caused invalid machine ids
      - fixed a small issue that occasionally caused timer desyncs
      - fixed a bug in the anti stagger code
      - fixed a bug that could lock up the clipboard
      - font aspect ratios are now scaled by the operating system
      - fixed a bug that caused the mouse to behave erratically
      - added suk-stronghold_2 by Imp Hunter

 - from 2.3.1
      - fixed a crash when using Steam
      - added support for the Steam overlay

 - from 2.3
      - fixed a crash in the text rendering system
      - fixed a bug that caused the pulse rifle to block
      - the message editor and console are closed when disconnected from the server

 - from 2.2
      - fixed the blowtorch light position
      - fixed some displays not refreshing when a player leaves
      - fixed some 2D performance issues on Windows 10
      - significantly improved overall fps
      - fixed some afterimages showing up when using anti-aliasing
      - added a new server controlled text drawing system for additional game info
      - added borderless window mode (add "+borderless 1" to your command line)
      - fixed an issue with dgVoodoo that breaks mouse input after losing focus
      - removed 16 bit display modes to accomodate Windows 10 players
      - the renderer will now stay active in windowed mode
      - changed how text is rendered (again)
      - fixed the camera fov changing in the death camera
      - fixed the facehug overlay not fully covering the screen on widescreen aspect ratios
      - fixed the zoom not resetting after dying or when the round ends
      - fixed a bug that caused the server list to lock up after canceling a lan query
      - recent messages can now be edited
      - the numpad keys can now be used when typing a message
      - clipboard text can now be pasted using ctrl+v
      - added a console, opened with the tilde key (view readme_console.txt for a list of commands)
      - moved the showfps command to the console
      - the framelimit can now be changed (can be changed through the console, defaults to 120)
      - fixed a bug that enabled movement while typing after a new world has loaded
      - locked single player framerate at 60 to prevent dialog skipping
      - fixed a bug that caused the hud to disappear after changing resolution
      - reduced some packet loss by doubling the send and receive buffers
      - added all files of version to the patch 
      - removed the cd key menu item
      - fixed the Runner jump animation
      - added kicked and banned disconnect messages
      - added various server controlled fixes for exploits
      - players can now enter observe mode from spawn protection on supported servers
      - added support for international keyboards
      - fixed a bug that caused the game timer to become inaccurate after some time
      - fixed an issue that caused a flickering cursor when using dgVoodoo
      - the frame rate in the menu no longer exceeds the frame limit
      - screenshots are now saved to "My Documents\My Games\Aliens vs. Predator 2" (path is visible in the console)
      - added vsync to the display menu
      - added a new command (splashbypass) to the console to skip the title screen
      - the game window now has the correct size in windowed mode
      - the game window is now positioned in the center of the screen in windowed mode
      - added anisotropic filtering to the custom performance menu
      - fixed some bugs caused by switching to a Predator vision while stunned
      - added a new command (flashfix) to the console. view readme_console.txt for more info
      - added a new command (fullscreenrender) to the console. view readme_console.txt for more info
      - the game now uses a smaller font on low resolutions
      - removed dm_brokendream
      - added dm_drydock by Windebieste
      - added evac_nostromo by JP54
      - included a new dedicated server (see readme_server.txt)

 - from 2.1
      - fixed some corrupt files
      - improved 2D rendering performance
      - fixed ClearType messing up fonts
      - added suk-hadleyshope by Imp Hunter

 - from 2.0
      - fixed an issue that caused some servers to disappear from the list
      - fixed a bug that allowed players to shoot through walls in some cases
      - fixed a minor bug in the new hit detection
      - fixed various exploitable bugs
      - added an automatic update downloader
      - faster server list download
      - the server list is more responsive while querying servers
      - fixed a security vulnerability in the server browser
      - fixed the version filter
      - added a voting menu accessible with the F4 button on servers that support it
      - players can now switch team while waiting for a new round in Evac and Overrun games
      - fixed a bug that prevented players from switching team in freefly mode
      - fixed a bug that caused some multi vector weapons to stray unusually far from their path
      - fixed sniper rapid fire
      - added evac_moria by JP54
      - added dm_temple by JP54

 - from 1.5.4
      - new master server client
      - added a framelimiter
      - improved fonts at higher resolutions
      - fixed ghost shots
      - improved the new netcode
      - improved the old netcode
      - native support for widescreen resolutions
      - more thorough anticheat functionality
      - players can send server commands using the / (slash) key
      - added scoreboards for CTF and Domination gametypes
      - added a command to show framerate, <client> showfps
      - added a new multiplayer map by JP54, dm_storageyard

 - from 1.5.3
      - replaced the ms_client dll, fixing some issues on newer operating systems
      - faster list updating
      - more accurate pings in the list
      - fixed some servers only showing 1 player on the advanced info page
      - removed the auto update screen when searching for servers
      - included a cracked avp2.exe

 - from 1.5.2
      - added the Primal Hunt map pack and the custom map Broken Dream

 - from 1.5.1
      - fixed crashes from changing classes in games such as Hunt or Survivor

 - from 1.5
      - improvements made

 - from 1.4
      - the server list is now retrieved from gamespy
      - fixed the unique player ID algorithm

 - from 1.3
      - caching of server list on the client side (contributed by AJL)
      - advanced server information (list of players names, game settings etc.)
      - sorting the list of servers by ping, server name, player count, map name and game mode
      - local ban mechanism, based on unique hardware ID
      - server ban command (ex: <srv>ban 1, or <srv>ban Herr_Alien) to control the local ban
      - improved netcode. Controlled by a toggle server side option

 - from 1.2.3
      - deploy the Bunny server mod as dedicated server
      - improved server update mechanism: all servers now update at 10 minutes or
        when the map or player count changes.

 - from 1.2:
      - changed smsever.txt to point to the new master server
      - changed the ms_client.dll to fix crashes from 1.2.2

 - from 1.1: 
      - compatible with AvP2 Fortress (no more crashes when searching for a server)
      - faster server list retrieval
      - better ping values in the server list
      - improved server updating
      - update utility

 - from 1.0: eliminated random crashes when people were trying to find a game 
            (NULL pointer dereferencing)

Special thanks, bugfixes, testing the 2.x releases:
JP54, Reign, ayleia, [TBBC]FAB-5000, KMKA,  Alpha, Acid, Hunterkiller, Imp Hunter, Lilith.

For the latest info on the master server patch, visit www.avp2msp.com

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