Component:   New master server integration files.

Summary:     modified client shell and dedicated server, to use a community 

                    driven master server.

Build Date:  10-04-2022

Version:      1.1



Component:   New master server integration files.
Summary:     modified client shell and dedicated server, to use a community 
                    driven master server.

Authors:      ayleia: Client and server patches.
                  The One: Automatic update utility.

Other:         KingKenny: Testing and suggestions
                  x-M-x: Testing and suggestions
                  Cracco: Testing

Links:	    AvP Unknown: https://www.avpunknown.com
                  Discord: https://discord.com/invite/esPD62d

Build Date:  10-04-2022
Version:      1.1

1. Aliens vs. Predator 2
2. Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt

Licensing and Copyright notes:
Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt - Master Server Patch must be distributed solely for free. 
Neither you nor any other person or party may sell it to anyone, commercially
exploit it in any way, or charge anyone for using it. You may exchange it at 
no charge among other end-users, as long as the original installer file remains unchanged.

For the lastest info on the master server patch, visit https://www.avpunknown.com/avp2master


- 1.1

      - fixed the server info screen listing only one player
      - fixed system fonts not rendering correctly
      - added international characters to multiplayer fonts
      - improved rendering performance of system fonts
      - fixed a buffer overflow when rendering the multiplayer score screen

      - stationary guns can no longer damage teammates if friendly fire is disabled
      - fixed a crash when initializing the server
      - fixed a crash when a player is disconnected
      - fixed various engine crashes
      - score will no longer reset when using class commands in Survivor games
      - players killed in Survivor will automatically mutate after rejoining the game
      - added Alien life regeneration
      - added kill command
      - fixed players not receiving some ammo in all weapons mode
      - servers can now add sentry guns to any map
      - added showposition command

 - Initial release

      - restored the online server browser
      - removed cd key check
      - fixed broken fonts on newer versions of Windows
      - unlocked all resolutions in the Graphics menu
      - added borderless window mode (+borderless 1)
      - the game will always keep the renderer active to prevent unexpected crashes
      - added raw mouse input (enabled by default, use +rawmouse 0 to disable)
      - added widescreen support, automatically calculated by the game
      - fixed a bug that causes black screens on Intel gpus (fix by thecanonmaster)
      - improved rendering performance of some 2D surfaces
      - improved text rendering performance
      - chat messages are now scaled on high resolutions
      - added a console (see readme_console.txt)
      - added various command-line options (see readme_commandline.txt)
      - fixed the internal client and server timers
      - fixed animation slowdowns at high frame rates
      - fixed the player character not moving at high frame rates
      - singleplayer: fixed slow movement of some objects at high frame rates
      - singleplayer: fixed a common crash on the loading screen
      - improved the multiplayer net code
      - restored the Welding Torch (replaces "Look Up" in the controls menu, default Y)
      - restored the Hacking Device (replaces "Look Down" in the controls menu, default H)
      - improved hit detection
      - the game window is now centered in windowed mode
      - fixed the flickering cursor when using dgVoodoo
      - fixed the menu buttons not working in some cases when using dgVoodoo
      - prevented dgVoodoo from manipulating the window style (see readme_commandline for more info)

      Server (to be included in a later release):
      - listen servers are no longer supported
      - fixed a format string bug that could crash the server
      - increased the server update rate to 60 Hz
      - fixed various vulnerabilities
      - fixed the internal server timer
      - added client ids to player names
      - added ip and chat logs
      - player names and messages are scanned for bad characters
      - server commands can now be entered with a slash (/) prefix
      - server commands can now be entered through the server console
      - added pcm command to send private messages (/pcm <id> <message>)
      - changed the kick command to kick by id
      - added ipban and hostban commands
      - added showip and showhostname commands
      - added reloadbanlist command
      - improved pings
      - fixed a bug that could make players appear invisible to other players
      - fixed stationary guns becoming unusable if the user disconnects
      - added a voting system
      - added class commands (only for Aliens and Predators as Hunter or Mutant)
      - added all weapons mode
      - added mute command

      - added dm_monolith_ph by The One
      - added suk-stronghold_ph by Imp Hunter
      - added suk-stronghold_2_ph by Imp Hunter
      - added suk-hadleyshope_ph by Imp Hunter

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