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This sound mod replaces several taunts as well as weapon fire.


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This sound mod replaces several taunts as well as weapon fire.

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[Alpha]Sound (v1.0) May 2002

 Re-edited sound effects for the Pulse Rifle and Smartgun, more film accurate and will be included in the next version of AvPTW_p1 (AvP2: Total War media pack). This sound mod was requested by [Alpha] clan and also includes three new taunts selected by them, two male taunts, one female.

 Version 1.1 of [Alpha]Sound should have reformatted WAV files for reduced file size and possibly more new taunts. 

 Included with ALPHA_SOUND.ZIP:

 ALPHA_SOUND Readme.txt


 1. Move the ALPHA_SOUND.REZ file to your Custom folder (inside your Aliens vs. Predator 2 folder). If you don't have a Custom folder, then right click, create New Folder and rename it 'Custom'.
 2. In the Aliens vs. Predator 2 Start Menu (before the game loads), go to Options and type the following entry into Command-line:
 -rez Custom/ALPHA_SOUND.REZ
 3. Click on 'Always specify these command-line parameters', then click OK.
 4. PLAY.


 [Alpha]Sound is compatible with Aliens vs. Predator 2 v1.0.9.4 and should be compatible with all AvP2 mods, e.g., AXP, High Rez.

 [Alpha]Sound will not cause incompatible game resources errors in MP Internet and LAN games.

 Note: When using other mods with [Alpha]Sound, the [Alpha]Sound command-line entry should be typed after the entry for any other mods to ensure compatibility.


 James Ackley and the sound designers at Monolith Productions. [Alpha]InfamousAndy. indO-China. Mr Leigh.

N. M. (aka nemarsde)
Web mail [email protected]
with SMS Notification

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