=ARC= Hadley's Hope

DESCRIPTION: =ARC= HH is part of the Team=ARC= map pack which is due for release mid 2005. Visit www.teamarc.org for more information....


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File Description

DESCRIPTION: =ARC= HH is part of the Team=ARC= map pack which is due for release mid 2005. Visit www.teamarc.org for more information.

=ARC= Hadley’s Hope, An AVP2 map. An excitingly authentic recreation of the original LV 426 colony, atmospherically lit, featuring Med lab, Operations and all your favorite scenes from the Aliens movie. There’s movement all over the place..

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                                                           ----HADLEYS HOPE----
                                                                 by Hevoc

MAP: =ARC= Hadleyshope

AUTHOR: Hevoc     

MSN: killerking ( your welcome to contact me)

GAMETYPES: DM, TDM, Hunt, Survivor

CREATION: 1 year 1 month (allot of research time is included in this)


STEW: He came with the idea of making the HH map. He has done allot of work on the layout, and gave advice on the sound for the map.
Also he has done massive mapping on an earlier version, which never saw the light of the day. He also tested it.

Cosmic: An old time mapper, which was in this project at the beginning, (first crappy version of this map) . I can’t put his fingerprint on any stuff in the map, but he was like my guru mapper. All I know in dedit (nosnap and so on....) I learned from him,
but he is probably unaware of this.

Jerod: he worked on some pippy ?, messy stuff, which unfortunate did not make it in the map since it didn’t fit in, but I like to thank him anyway. And I want to say thanks for helping me releasing it.

Deathmancer: He was the man who made it from a cool laggy map to just a cool map, since he helped me adding the hull makers. (Mapping stuff)

Flying Scotsman: This great mapper and nosnap guru, got the pipes fixed, which gives this map a really great feeling.

GPS: A nice teammate who helped with the testing.

Cat like thief: Didn’t do anything on this version, but on the first version he did some lighting work, of which I learned allot from.

DESCRIPTION: =ARC= HH is part of the Team=ARC= map pack which 
is due for release mid 2005. Visit www.teamarc.org for more information.

=ARC= Hadley’s Hope, An AVP2 map.  An excitingly authentic recreation of the original LV 426 colony,
atmospherically lit, featuring Med lab,
Operations and all your favorite scenes from the Aliens movie. 
There’s movement all over the place..


1) Place HH.REZ in your main "Aliens vs Predator 2" Folder
2) At startup go to options and in the command line put:    -rez HH.REZ
3) Check the "Always specify these command line Parameters" box
4) Start

THis map contain many
polys, so slow com-
 -puters will have a
hard time running it,
 to help that put you
  detail level down
  (graphic settings)


I was just a ordinary avp2 player who had messed a little bit around with dedit, I was not a good mapper, to be honest I was pretty bad. Then one day, one of my real life friends, joined a clan called 101st, and asked me to join their forum, which I did.
This forum was also a HQ for another clan called IL, and it had a Mod board, where ppl could discuss their modding problems.
As I recall only 2 ppl posted there at the time, "Dark syde and Stew" and by a struck this stew guy added me to his msn (I had been talking about
I only was a mapper, so he added me and started sending me these files and pictures. I was impressed. all the stuff he send me looked cool,
And he was making "Hadley’s hope" map, and asked me to join him, since he had troubles adding objects. We later came to the conclusion to make a campaign,
and yes this was very naive. Well me and stew worked very good together. He was skinning like a madman, and watching the movie to come up with new layouts.
While I was mapping like I never had before, we had a motto, "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER" which is from a movie called galaxy quest.
 We talked more then we actually modded, but the most important point  was that, the operation center from the movie was shaping, and also the lab was soon ready. Another guy had already tried making a HH map, so our goal was to do a better job.
If I look at the old version, we didn’t come close, I mean our shit looked good, in manny ways but, just didn’t work in game. Also I started working on an outside
version of the map to a later campaign which never was finished. Well time passed by and allot of ppl started to show interest for it, so soon other ppl joined the project, like cat like thief, darksyde, Cosmic, Sir huntley and some other, we made a map team called "gateway 7".
 Which I remember as my idea. If you look what these ppl have done, we could have been a pretty awesome team, but hell no, we weren’t, and although time passed by, the project seemed to stop. So in a last desperate attempt me and stew decided to make a beta of the map, which we did, and released it.
On the IL forum, at that time I had no clue how to release a map to the public. That is the map I am talking about when I say "the first version"
After that the air got out of the balloon, and stew suddenly disappeared, and I was kind of tired of the mapping, so I said "f*** it" 
At this point the HH adventure could have ended. Well I started making other small maps for my teammates, not anything great stuff, but the main thing was, that I learned to map clean, and learned how to make stuff look cool.

Then when I was watching this movie "galaxy quest"
and the words "never give up, never surrender" came out of Tim Allan’s, mouth, I said to myself "Watch that movie, and complete that stupid map"
I started up my pc, and opened my best enemy "dedit" I started making the command center, I tried building it so close to the first version, just so it 
worked in game. After some days, I started adding the lab, after investigating some blueprints from the Aliens movie, extras.
And finally I got a layout, which would suit a map very fine. So I started remaking all the stuff from the first version take the stuff that could be used,
and throw away the other stuff, and fast I got the whole lab and com room ready, and all corridors suited. But Hadley’s hope is more then a command center and
a lab, so I started adding rooms, everything was still empty. at this point I had a deadline which I always kept making longer, until I realized
that deadlines in a program like debit (the mapping program) is very not clever, and from this point it really got from brush to brush, and I decided to have
as many details as possible, and a year after I stood with a HH map, ppl probably would like, but again I had done a stupid thing. I added to many details 
"25.000 Polly’s" in an mp nosnap map" which isn’t good, so very painfully I had to remove many details to get a better fps, and a guy called deathmancer helped me
with hull makers, and now only slow computers will have, small "knags" which can  be removed by setting the detail settings down" and finally its here!
With this map I also learned that if you have to something, do it yourself. Since this map had 7 ppl, and ended with only me. This version hasen’t really been
 touched much from other mappers, there are some few parts that are worked out by friends, like flying Scotsman’s pipes. I have really got some good support,
and ppl around on the forums. In the last stages of this map stew came back from his hole, and decided to make a skin pack for the map, which I would like to recommend to download. AND NOW ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

**If you are interested in seeing info about the first version visit
www.avp2mods.com/hevoc/first.html in there you will be able to find
old ed' files and screenshots**


Is this going to be a sp to?

No it isn’t, it’s designed for mp, and I need to get other maps done for the =ARC=  map pack.

Are there any ai's? 

Nope, not any ai's since a map like this would lag terrible, with them. But if a right mapper comes and offers to make a version with ai's and fewer polies
he is probably welcome.

Can I get outside?

Not without cheating, I decided to make a small outside area to look from the windows, since the main idea was to make inside version of this map,
though it could be nice to have an outside version of Hadley’s hope which already has been made, try look on www.avp2files.

Is the map100% based on Hadley’s Hope from the movie Aliens?

Yes and no, I decided to make most rooms bigger then they actually are (this can easily be seen in the lab) since it has to be playable to.
Also allot of rooms was never shown in the movie, so I had to use my imagination for this. But ppl can say what they want, if they
don’t think its Hadley’s hope, let them think that.

What’s your next project?

I and my teammates (GPS and Flying Scotsman) are working to get a map pack for out clan done. I will eventually finish another map called "nevermore"

Did the map making, have any influence on your personal life?

Yes of course, real life is actually the worst thing with mapping, because allot off friends and family don’t know what it is you are doing, and
Mapping is very time assuming, so it had in many ways, and that is mainly also because this map was so delayed.

Are you a great fan of the Alien movie series?

Aunt we all? Of course I am, I think almost all avp2 players is that, or at least pred fans, but I am mainly an alien fan, though my favorite movie is alien 1.

Is this map also for preds?

Well I don’t like preds to be in this scene, but I have placed all its weapons around, and ammo boxes, if I didn’t do that I would have someone complaining.
Also I actually made a big job for try hiding the weapons and ammo boxes, so ugly ammo box don’t destroy the look of a cool nice room. But I made
this map for humans and aliens.

Where can ppl find you?

Well all ppl are welcome to add me to their msn, (killerking34@hotmail.com) I usably check these forums, and hang around



Processor log (some mappers may find this interesting)

PProcessing C:\Programmer\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2\AVP2\Worlds\hadleys_baby(1).ed

Date: 05/05/05, Time: 21:43:41
This machine has 2 processors.
Using 0 threads.
Max detail level: 10000.
Getting objects from ED file.
Loading DAT file.

Max Lightmap Size: 32.00
Lightmap Grid Size: 20.00
WorldTree nodes: 253
WorldTree depth: 4
WorldTree root size: 7655.00
-  poc-charger-a0 (1 polies)
-  poc-charger-b0 (1 polies)
-  poc-charger-c0 (1 polies)
-  poc-charger-d0 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel53 (7 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel2 (3 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel3 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel4 (10 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel5 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel6 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel7 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel8 (3 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel9 (15 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel10 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel11 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel12 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel13 (14 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel14 (15 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel15 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel16 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel19 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel20 (14 polies)
-  Light-Shaft (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel23 (140 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel24 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel25 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel28 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel29 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel32 (60 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel33 (60 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel30 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel109 (10 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel54 (8 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel167 (18 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel17 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel18 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel22 (30 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel55 (6 polies)
-  pod-tv-a0 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-b0 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-a1 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-b1 (1 polies)
-  pod-console-2-1 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-a2 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-b2 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-a3 (1 polies)
-  pod-tv-b3 (1 polies)
-  pod-console-2-2 (1 polies)
-  D-console4-3 (1 polies)
-  D-console4-4 (1 polies)
-  Console-4b3 (4 polies)
-  Console-4a3 (5 polies)
-  Console-4b4 (4 polies)
-  Console-4a4 (5 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel26 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel27 (24 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel45 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel31 (37 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel43 (10 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel46 (32 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel35 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel37 (6 polies)
-  Grates23 (1 polies)
-  Grates29 (1 polies)
-  Grates30 (1 polies)
-  Grates32 (2 polies)
-  Grates33 (1 polies)
-  Grates34 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel84 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel85 (6 polies)
-  Grates24 (1 polies)
-  Grates31 (1 polies)
-  Grates35 (1 polies)
-  Grates36 (2 polies)
-  Grates37 (1 polies)
-  Grates38 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel86 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel87 (6 polies)
-  Grates25 (1 polies)
-  Grates39 (1 polies)
-  Grates40 (1 polies)
-  Grates41 (2 polies)
-  Grates42 (1 polies)
-  Grates43 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel88 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel89 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel38 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel39 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel41 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel42 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel49 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel50 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel51 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel52 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel56 (1 polies)
-  RedLight59 (5 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel57 (8 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel58 (44 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel59 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel60 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel61 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel62 (2 polies)
-  Light362 (1 polies)
-  Water0 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel71 (3 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel72 (8 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel73 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel74 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel75 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel76 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel77 (2 polies)
-  Ladder0 (6 polies)
-  Ladder1 (6 polies)
-  Ladder2 (6 polies)
-  Skybox (12 polies)
-  clouds1 (84 polies)
-  clouds10 (84 polies)
-  clouds12 (84 polies)
-  clouds3 (6 polies)
-  clouds4 (6 polies)
-  clouds6 (6 polies)
-  clouds8 (84 polies)
-  clouds9 (18 polies)
-  Vortex (1 polies)
-  BK (8 polies)
-  PowerCore (5 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel78 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel79 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel80 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel81 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel82 (1 polies)
-  grid02 (4 polies)
-  grid2 (4 polies)
-  grid3 (4 polies)
-  grid4 (4 polies)
-  Weather0 (14 polies)
-  Weather1 (14 polies)
-  Weather2 (14 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel83 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel90 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel91 (1 polies)
-  Water40 (6 polies)
-  Water41 (6 polies)
-  Water42 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel63 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel66 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel94 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel95 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel96 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel97 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel98 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel99 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel100 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel101 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel102 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel103 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel104 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel105 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel106 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel107 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel108 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel110 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel111 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel114 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel115 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel116 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel117 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel118 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel119 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel120 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel121 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel123 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel124 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel125 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel126 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel127 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel128 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel129 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel130 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel131 (96 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel132 (11 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel122 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel133 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel134 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel135 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel136 (1 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel141 (8 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel151 (96 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel152 (96 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel156 (48 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel149 (37 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel157 (38 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel21 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel64 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel65 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel67 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel68 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel69 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel70 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel92 (16 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel113 (30 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel158 (16 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel159 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel160 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel161 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel162 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel163 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel164 (16 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel165 (16 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel166 (6 polies)
-  Water43 (6 polies)
-  Water46 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel170 (10 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel44 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel47 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel48 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel137 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel138 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel139 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel140 (2 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel142 (203 polies)
-  Ladder3 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel143 (2 polies)
-  RedLight60 (5 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel40 (4 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel144 (10 polies)
-  RedLight61 (5 polies)
-  RedLight62 (5 polies)
-  Water1 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel145 (1 polies)
-  RedLight63 (5 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel146 (32 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel147 (6 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel148 (16 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel150 (8 polies)
-  RedLight64 (5 polies)
-  RedLight65 (5 polies)
-  RedLight66 (5 polies)
-  RedLight67 (5 polies)
-  RedLight68 (5 polies)
-  RedLight69 (5 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel153 (50 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel154 (157 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel155 (6 polies)
-  RedLight70 (5 polies)
-  RedLight71 (5 polies)
-  RedLight72 (5 polies)
-  RedLight73 (5 polies)
-  RedLight74 (5 polies)
-  RotatingWorldModel0 (136 polies)
-  Electricity0 (12 polies)
-  TranslucentWorldModel169 (42 polies)
Creating physics BSP
Merging 3005 brushes.
Creating temp brushes
Finding intersecters
Sorting intersecters
Merging intersecters
Transferring inside fragments
0 BTW poly splits.
Num Polies: 18104.  Joining polies...
0 polies removed.
18104 polies left.
Found 0 problem brushes
Creating BSP.
BSP tree 72.41% balanced.
Num detail nodes: 24062
Removing unseen geometry.
Number of (unseen) polies removed: 181
Recreating BSP.
1235 polies (1464 nodes) added for lightmapping.
BSP tree 72.38% balanced.
Num detail nodes: 24694
Fixing T-Junctions on 19158 polys...
Added 8269 polys for T-Junctions
Added 33 verts for T-Junctions
Physics precalculation...
1561962 bytes for physics, 1728 blocks (149 average nodes per block, 2836 max)
-  PhysicsBSP (27427 polies)
Creating visibility BSP
Merging 1219 brushes.
Creating temp brushes
Finding intersecters
Sorting intersecters
Merging intersecters
Transferring inside fragments
0 BTW poly splits.
Num Polies: 2287.  Joining polies...
0 polies removed.
2287 polies left.
Creating BSP.
BSP tree 79.03% balanced.
Num detail nodes: 0
Removing unseen geometry.
Number of (unseen) polies removed: 0
Recreating BSP.
466 polies (514 nodes) added for lightmapping.
BSP tree 78.13% balanced.
Num detail nodes: 0
Finding leaves.
-  VisBSP (3331 polies)
Imported 2521 texture flags

Lighting world
Ambient light (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
Created 22 texture lights.
LAnim - StarLightView_Marine__SV (1 frames)
      - 482886 bytes
LAnim - StarLightView_Pred1__SV (1 frames)
      - 482886 bytes
LAnim - StarLightView_Pred2__SV (1 frames)
      - 482886 bytes
LAnim - StarLightView_Pred3__SV (1 frames)
      - 482886 bytes
LAnim - StarLightView_Alien__SV (1 frames)
      - 18535 bytes

Making PVS.
Marked 0 out of 718 leaves as FastApprox
Saving DAT file.

Done in 6.69 minutes

Number of input polies: 20837
Number of input vertices: 39901

Number of output polies: 27427
Number of output vertices: 31900
Tree depth: 248
Memory for vis lists: 0
Number of (unseen) polies removed: 0

Number of leaves: 0
Number of visible leaves: 0

Lightmap data size: 3993467
Lightmap compression ratio: 7.95
Number of objects: 1312

Light table size (from LightTableRes): 0M 47k


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