AVP 2010 Sound Mod Self Extracting Version

avp_2010_sound_mod_self_extractorsgizmo198127.zip —


the 2 Alien Trophy Struggle sounds with Praetorian Struggle sounds, Injured Grown from a Praetorian, 2 Pain sounds of a Praetorian, and a Taunt sound from The Praetorian Character.2. Marine Stims - This mod replaces the default "h" sound with "h that's good Sh*t" and the 2 sounds when climbing up onto boxes/scalable objects.3. Melee2 - This mod replaces all but 1 of the standard melee sounds with various swearwords and phrases ( remember folks this is an 18+ game so it is totally permitted to have such language in this mod ) 4. Pulse - This Mod replaces the Current Pulse Rifle sounds with the same sounds used in the Movie "Aliens" and has a new Grenade Exploding sound which resonates from quite a distance away.5. - SniperPistol - This Mod replaces the sniper Scope gun's sounds to a silenced sniper rifle sound, and additionally it changes the pistol to a much louder and better sound.


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