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Well, I was bound to do it. And now I've completed version 1 of the Alien versus Predator Movie sound pack. :D I ripped high quality sounds and compressed them to reduce the file size but there is no if any noticeable loss in quality, if there is an occurance where the sounds are bad (but I doubt it since I've tried them all ingame) then I will release the higher quality one which is double in it's file size. But this one is just good how it is. I edited a lot of files to get this pack and I like how the new taunts and gear sounds turned out and etc.



--= AvP Movie Sound Pack version 2 =--

acidglow AT hotmail DOT com

Note: You may not use any of my mods into your mods without asking me
first for permission. Doesn't hurt to ask. ;)

                  Version 2 Updates:

1 new head pickup sound for preds
Alt fire on wristblades and Spear make a grunt noise. (similar to Predator Concrete Jungle game idea)
Deselect sound for Disc
Splash sound from the first AVP trailer
Flipped the option menu song to the main menu song and added a new option menu song.
1 new human death sound

V1 Updates: 
Predator head rip is new and better I say.
1 replaced queen taunt for a better one.
1 more shared predator taunt for all 4 pred classes

Added things to the readme I left out earlier :p

Alien vs Predator Movie sounds for:

Predators: All taunts, pains sounds, netgun, disc, spear, 
shoulder cannon, cloak, wristblades, laserlock, predvision loops, 
vision changes and zooming

Aliens: All taunts, pain sounds, death sounds, pounce and tail whip, 
the facehugger has very cute taunts lol. 
The queen has monstrous taunts. 

Humans: pistol, knife and death sounds..the movie didn't have much on them..
bleh..oh well. It's based for the Alien and Predators really.

Menus: Buttons, rollovers, clicks and menu music in different menu tabs.

Enjoy it, I know I am. :D


-place the avpsounds folder i made into your aliens vs predator 2 folder
-launch avp2.exe and hit options NOT play.
-check the box next to 'always specify these commands'
-type this code          -rez avpsounds
Click OK and PLAY! Voila!!

--Give us MORE sound packs!! Weeeeeeeee!!--

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